SSC Results 2023 – SSC Matric 10th Result 2023

Assalamu Alaikum. First, I would like to say that the SSC Result 2023 post is for 10th SSC candidates. As you know, the results have been online for the past several years. We use different websites to find out these results. I am creating such a website for you. So that you can easily find out your desired test results easily.

The above education boards (That education boards) arrange their scheduled exam every year and give the results (Exam Results). Firstly (via mobile SMS) and secondly (Secondly), online (By Online). Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. However, both are good.

SSC Result 2023

We can find very short time and swift SSC and other results on mobile medium. Now people have mobiles in their hands. As a result, they (Self) can get their desired results quickly. So it has brought a groundbreaking advantage. As a result, it has become very easy for people to get Matric results in 2022 and other results.

There are advantages and disadvantages to getting results by mobile. For example, this result can be found very quickly. But it only shows the pass or fails and how many grades or points it has got. However, it does not show the result in any subject (Subject). Below we will discuss how to get results by mobile.

Do people ask for SSC Result 2022?

  • How to get SSC result (How to get SSC result)?
  • How to get SSC and other results very easily (How to get SSC results and other results very easily?
  • When will this result come out?
  • How can I get results through mobile SMS?
  • How to quickly get test results online?

SSC Result 2022

SSC Result 2022

The results of the Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C) and equivalent examinations will be released simultaneously today. I will publish this site on the Internet at Professor Fahima Khatun, the chairperson of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Sub-Committee, said this. The Education Minister will present the overall results at a press conference at the Ministry of Education at noon. ”

The HSC and equivalent examinations started on April 1 and ended on May 22. I held the practical test from 23rd May to 6th June. This time a total of 9 lakh 26 thousand 614 students took part in the test, out of which 4 lakh 98 thousand 395 students and 4 lahks 30 thousand 419 female students.

ssc result 2022 All board

Barisal Board of Education Result:

The Barisal Board of Education is located on the west side of the Comilla Board of Education and the south side of Bangladesh. This Board of Education is a separate Board of Education. Along with other boards of education, they take SSC, JSC, HSC, and other exams and give results (SSC Result, 2022), (HSC Result), and (JSC Result).

Jessore Board of Education:

Like the Jessore Board of Education (Jessore Education Board) and other boards, there is a separate board that controls their organization (Self Control). This education board is in the westernmost part of Bangladesh. They also take the above test shots and come up with the results.

Dinajpur Board of Education Result:

Dinajpur Board of Education (Dinajpur Education Board) is located in the northwest of Bangladesh. A Dinajpur Board of Education is an independent board of education.

Sylhet Board of Education:

Sylhet Board of Education is a separate board of education like other boards of education. This Board of Education is in the northeastern part of Bangladesh. This education board comprises four districts. Such as- Sylhet, Habiganj, Sunamganj, Brahmanbaria. It also publishes SSC results, HSC results, JSC results, and other results like other boards of education.

Total GPA-5 62,212.

  1. Dhaka Board: – Pass rate 75.95% Total GPA-5 25,629.
  2. Rajshahi Board: -Pass rate 8.33% Total GPA-5 10,626. Chittagong Board: – The pass rate is 8.98%. GPA-5 5,121.
  3. Barisal Board: – The pass rate is 8.98%. Total GPA-5 is 2,630.
  4. Sylhet Board: – The pass rate is 91.8% of the total GPA-5 of 2,611.
  5. Jessore Board: – Pass rate 6.18% Total GPA-5 5,625.
  6. Comilla Board: – Pass rate 65.84% Total GPA-5 5,179.
  7. Dinajpur Board: – Pass rate 6.18% Total GPA-5 6,431.
  8. Board of Technical Education: – Pass rate 80.69% Total GPA-5 3,524.
  9. Madrasa Board of Education: – Pass rate 6.48% Total GPA-5 13,438.

How to view via mobile SMS:

  • If you can’t see the result of the HSC / SSC Result 2022 exam through the internet then you can easily get the result of the HSC / SSC exam by sending an SMS from your mobile. To do this you need to follow some rules, first, go to your phone’s message option; Go to the option to create a new message; first, enter matric / HSC and give a space (…..) then, enter the first three letters of your board. E.g.-
  • Dhaka: DHA
  • Madrasah: MAD
  • Comilla: COM
  • Chittagong: CHI
  • Jessore: JES
  • Rajshahi: RAJ
  • Dinajpur: DIN
  • Barisal: BAR and
  • Sylhet: SYL

Enter a space and enter your roll number. Now enter a space and enter 2021.
For example, HSC RAJ 1111111 2021 Now sends the message to 16222.

Proxy site link:

Board of Education link:
Subject-based detailed result:

The SSC  Result 2022 and equivalent examinations held in 2022 will be released on May 11, said Hon’ble Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid. He announced a recent press release. Hon’ble Education Minister will hand over the results of the SSC examination held by Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at 10 am on this day.

This year, 14 lahks 79 thousand 26 students from 26 thousand 708 educational institutions participated in SSC , one of the largest public exams in the country.

SSC Result apply form

Reload Result

Subject & Mark with Result link

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SSC Result:

Hours: 23 to 27 December 2022

All the subjects which have 2 papers (Bangla and English) will be considered as an application for two papers as opposed to one Subject Code (101 for Bengali, 106 for Easy) and 250 rupees will be applicable as an application fee.

We can apply multiple subjects through the same SMS. Here, the Subject Code should be written with a comma (,) periodically. The best way to check the Result.

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