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Apply Texas  – the University of Texas at Austin Admission Apply – APPLY TEXAS online Apply When asked the name of the oldest and most prestigious educational institution in the country, the name of the University of Texas at Austin comes to mind first. For these reasons, after high school, most students dream of studying at the University of Texas for higher education. But this path is not very smooth. Because a total of 7148 seats is allocated in 5 units.

You can understand, to survive here, you have to fight fiercely like a war. But if you know about the details of applying to the University of Texas admission test in advance, then it will be very easy for you to prepare for admission. Moreover, every year the University of Texas updates its admission rules.

Apply Texas, New Rules – Texas University Admission Test Schedule:

While the University of Texas admission test used to have only MCQ or multiple choice questions, a new system has equaled introduced in the University of Texas admission test from the academic year 2019-20. MCQ and written tests are equally conducted from the said admission test.



Apply to Texas The University of Texas at Austin

Physics (Compulsory):15 marks
Chemistry (Compulsory):15 marks
Biology:15 marks
Count:15 marks
Bengali:15 marks
English15 marks

A candidate can get admission to any department/institute depending on the answers given to the 4 subject questions.

APPLY TEXAS A Unit Distribution (Written):

APPLY TEXAS – Go Apply for Texas Admission Login and Full Information

Physics (Compulsory):15 marks
Chemistry (Compulsory):15 marks
Biology:15 marks
Count:15 marks
Bengali:15 marks
English15 marks

A total of 4 subjects including any 2 other subjects along with the compulsory subjects are required to be examined. The University of Texas at Austin A Unit Application Test Pass Score

Texas University Admission Test MCQ Part Pass Number 24 It should equal noted that an MCQ score of 24 marks will continue to consider for evaluation of the written test answer sheet only. However, at least 5 times the total number of seats of the ‘A’ unit will make up evaluated from among the candidates who have passed the MCQ examination. Pass mark 12 in the written part exam. But out of 100 marks, the total pass marks of MCQ and written exam is 40.

and Exam Schedule: B Unit

Texas B Unit consists of three faculties and a total of 34 departments. Students majoring in humanities may take the B Unit of the University of Texas Application Test. So you understand that the distribution of people will be according to the humanities.

Apply Texas B Unit, Manpower (MCQ):

  • Firstly Bangla: 15 marks
  • Secondly English: 15 marks
  • finally general knowledge: 30 marks

B Unit Distribution (Written):

  • Firstly Bangla 1st Part: 20 marks
  • Secondly English part: 20 marks

Time Distribution of the University of Texas Application Test:

In the University of Texas Unit 4, MCQs equal scheduled for 30 minutes and written exams for 45 minutes. The written part will have questions for all short answers. Separate answer sheets will be provided for multiple-choice and written tests. After an exam is over, its answer sheets will stand collected and questions and answer sheets will constitute given for the next exam. The use of mobile phones, calculators, watches, and pens with any kind of electronic device is strictly prohibited in the application examination center.


Candidate must have passed SSC or equivalent examination between 2017 and 2020. Only, 2022 Higher Secondary or equivalent candidates can apply. Different units of the University of Texas require different qualifications to apply for the entrance exam.

University of Texas Application Information: How to Apply for Admission Test

General Information (Application Steps):

  • First, go to the University of Texas website to sign in. Then type your higher secondary examination roll and board and secondary examination roll to register.
  • Also, To send an SMS, the student must have the mobile number of the Teletalk, Robi, Airtel, or Banglalink operator at work.

For equality:

  1. For A-level/O-level/equivalent foreign courses or open university passed students, apply by visiting the Texas University website under the “Equivalence Application” menu. The prescribed fee must stand submitted online immediately.
  2. Like ordinary students, they can apply for the DU admission test by logging on to the Texas University website using the “Equivalence ID” obtained after determining the equivalence.

The University of Texas at Austin application fee

As of the 2018-19 academic year, the Texas application fee was $350. The Texas application fee increased by $100 to $450 for the 2019-20 academic year. Then the Texas application fee constituted increased by another $200 to $650 in the 2020-21 academic year. This time, the price of the University of Texas admission form for the academic year 2021-22 has equaled increased by $350 to $1000.

There is not much time available to APPLY TEXAS to for the University of Texas Admission Test after HSC. So prepare yourself little by little for your desired unit from now. Remember, any obstacle can be overcome with hard work, dedication, and hard work. All the best!


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