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Bing Halloween Quiz 2023, 31 October – Bing Halloween Quiz with Answer

Bing Halloween Quiz 2023 Today: Win big prizes by answering multiple questions correctly in the Bing Halloween Quiz. Bing Halloween is a quiz contest these days on various topics. A quiz refers to a competitive test of general knowledge. But how did the widely used word quiz come about? The history of the origin of the word, however, was not very long ago. Richard Daly, a resident of Dublin, Scotland, and his friend made a bet. The bet was that within 48 hours, Richard would spread a whole new word to the townspeople. Richard got down to introducing a new term that was the Bing Halloween Quiz.

Bing Halloween Quiz 2023

Richard Daly was a theater manager in Dublin by profession. He handed his staff a card with a quiz written in English. He suggested that the word be written on all the walls of the city. The workers did just that. The word ‘quiz’ written on the wall from the morning after the night made people curious. Many people think that the word quiz entered the English language after this incident. Another incident mentioned by Oxford Dictionaries is: In 1782, the existence of the word quiz was found on a page of the diary written by the English writer Francis Burney. He used the word to refer to strange people. At that time, the word Bing Halloween Quiz was also used as the name of the doll.

Bing Halloween Quiz Questions and Answer List

Bing Halloween Quiz

Questions Number 1:  Which vegetable was originally used to make jack-o’-lanterns?

  • Option A. Spinach
  • Option B. Celery
  • Option C. Peppers
  • Option D. Turnips

Ans: Turnips

Questions Number 2.

  • Option A. Lon Chaney
  • Option B. Dick Cheney
  • Option C. Boris Karloff
  • Option D. Vincent Price

Ans: Boris Karloff

Questions Number 3. The Sun appears to be in which constellation on Halloween?

  • Option A. Virgo
  • Option B. Libra
  • Option C. Scorpious
  • Option D. Gemini

Ans: Libra

Questions Number 4.

  • Option A. God of the dead
  • Option B. Time for candy
  • Option C. Round up the cattle
  • Option D. Summer’s end

Ans: Summer’s end

Questions Number 5. Which animals are most commonly associated with witches?

  • Option A. Black cats
  • Option B. Red pandas
  • Option C. Green frogs
  • Option D. Yellow dogs

Ans: Black cats

Questions Number 6.

  • Option A. Saturnalia
  • Option B. Ostara
  • Option C. Samhain
  • Option D. Imbolc

Ans: Samhain

Questions Number 7.

  • Option A. 1775
  • Option B. 1890
  • Option C. 1920
  • Option D. 1995

Ans: 1890

Questions Number 8.

  • Option A. Parsnip
  • Option B. Turnip
  • Option C. Radish
  • Option D. Carrot

Ans: Turnip

Questions Number 9.

  • Option A. Mouths
  • Option B. Hands
  • Option C. Feet
  • Option D. Eyes

Ans: Eyes

Questions Number 10. What sort of supernatural being is Dracula?

  • Option A. Goblin
  • Option B. Ghost
  • Option C. Vampire
  • Option D. Banshee

Ans: Vampire

Questions Number 11.

  • Option A. Finland
  • Option B. Mexico
  • Option C. Portugal
  • Option D. Ireland

Ans: Mexico

Questions Number 12.

  • Option A. Minor league ball players
  • Option B. Bats
  • Option C. Demons
  • Option D. Ghosts
  • Option E. Werewolves

Ans: Demons

Questions Number 13. Which language does the word poltergeist come from?

  • Option A. German
  • Option B. French
  • Option C. Swedish
  • Option D. Czech

Ans: German

Questions Number 14. A vampire can be killed by:

  • Option A. All of these
  • Option B. Decapitation
  • Option C. Stae through the heart
  • Option D. Sunlight

Ans: All of these.

Questions Number 15.

  • Option A. China
  • Option B. Great Britain
  • Option C. Egypt
  • Option D. Transylvania

Ans: Egypt.

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Conclusion Part

We have collected all rules and questions and answers to the Bing Halloween Quiz here. Check the question in the above image if you want to choose the correct answer. Besides, answers are arranged alongside the answers to each question. Match the given solution with your submitted answer. If any information about this latest quiz contestant is correct or incorrect, please comment in the box below. Today’s update News For You.

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