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Bing NFL Quiz July 2023 – Bing NFL Quiz Questions With Answers

Bing NFL Quiz July 2023 questions with answers and rewards.  This article presents questions and answers about Bing NFL Quiz’s general knowledge. Various job tests and entrance exams have questions related to the game of football. This article mentions important questions related to the game of football:

Bing NFL Quiz Questions With Answers 2023

RTV, the popular private television channel in the country, wants to be with all the readers who love football in this moment of joy and entertainment of the football world cup. That’s why Qatar is going to organize the Bing NFL Quiz Contest from the opening day of the World Cup. You can also participate in RTV Online’s World Cup Quiz. And you can win mega prizes.

This quiz competition starts on November 20, the opening day of the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, and will continue till December 18. The Bing NFL Quiz will be open to everyone from the day before. This competition will have two new football questions every day. The mega prize will be given to 10 people based on the lottery for the most correct answers in the entire tournament by answering those questions.

Bing NFL Quiz 2023

  • Questions: How many ounces does the standard football weigh?
    Answer: 14–16 ounces.
  • Questions: What is the size of the international football field?
    Answer: 115 yards * 75 yards.
  • Questions: In what year were the rules of the game of football recorded?
    Answer: In 1848.
  • Questions: FIFA was founded in what year?
    Answer: In 1904.
  • Questions: Where was the first World Cup game held?
    Answer: 5 times.
  • Questions: 4 times champion in World Cup football?
    Answer: Germany and Italy.
  • Questions: Which country plays the final in World Cup football the most?
    Answer: Germany.
  • Questions: Which footballer scored the highest number of goals in the World Cup?
    Answer: Miroslav Klose.

Bing NFL Quiz

General knowledge about the Bing NFL Quiz 2023

  1. Questions: What is Pele’s real and full name?
    Answer: Edson Arantes Nascimento.
  2. Questions: Pele was a member of which Brazilian club?
    Answer: Santos.
  3. Questions: Who scored the second youth final in World Cup football history?
    Answer: Kylian Mbappe (Pele was the first teenager to score a World Cup soccer goal in 1958).
  4. Questions: What is Lionel Messi’s middle name?
    Answer: Andres.
  5. Questions: Who is often compared to Messi?
    Answer: Diego Maradona.
  6. Questions: How many Ballon d’Or awards has Lionel Messi won?
    Answer: 6.
  7. Questions: Messi wore number 30 at the beginning of his Barca career, and now he wears number 10.
  8. Questions: Messi is an ambassador for which German multinational sportswear company?
    Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bing NFL Quiz Questions With Answers 2023

  • Won the Champions League record three times as a manager. Who are they?
    Answer: Bob Paisley, Carlo Ancelotti, and Zinedine Zidane.
  • Who has scored a hat trick among the World Cup 2018 players?
    Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Kane.
  • Which team received the FIFA Fair Play Award in the World Cup 2018 tournament?
    Answer: Spain.
  • Which team scored the highest number of goals in the FIFA World Cup 2018?
    Answer: Belgium.
  • How many goals has FC Barcelona scored in a league season?
    Answer: 5 people.

National Football League

  • Questions: Who and when was the first winner of the “Golden Boot Award”?
    Answer: Antonio Carbajal of Mexico. 5 times [(1950, 1954, 1958, 1962, 1966).
  • Questions: Which is the first football club established?
    Answer: Sheffield Football Club.
  • Questions: Arsenal was founded in what year?
    Answer: In 1886.
  • Questions: Liverpool was founded in what year?
    Answer: In 1880.
  • Questions: When did the football referee first use the whistle?
    Answer: In 1878.
  • Questions: When did Arsenal join the Football League?
    Answer: In 1893.
  • Answer: Mario Goetze, Germany. (against Argentina.
  • Questions: What is the Ballon d’Or?
    Answer: France’s famous football magazine.
  • Questions: When was the Ballon d’Or Award launched?
    Answer: In 1956.
  • Questions: Who won the first Ballon d’Or award?
    Answer: Vivian Richards. He participated in World Cup cricket qualifiers for the West Indies and World Cup football qualifiers for his mother country, Antigua.
  • Questions: Which British team has won the European Cup more times than their domestic top league?
    Answer: Nottingham Forest.
  • Questions: What is the name of the only English winner of the European Golden Boot?
    Answer: Philippe Coutinho (£105m – Liverpool to Barcelona).


The excitement of the World Cup is joined by the joy of winning the award. Not only watching the game on the TV screen but now comes the chance to win prizes by taking part in the Football World Cup-related Bing NFL Quiz.

Football fans from all over the world are already on the occasion of this year’s World Cup in Qatar. Everyone is spending time arguing about their favorite team and star. Numerous arguments, history, and statistics are being used as ‘weapons’ to win arguments. Unknown information about various teams and stars is emerging in these statistics.

Bing NFL has organized various events to increase the level of madness that goes on throughout the month of the World Cup. Notable among them is the Bing NFL Quiz, where a winner gets a prize of Rs 1,000 every day.

Almost all of us love football, but how much do we know about our favorite team or star? You can also take the Bing NFL Quiz to verify and win daily prizes.

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