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Bing Quiz 2 June 2023 – Bing Homepage, Weekly, Daily, News, Entertainment Quiz Today

Bing Quiz 2 June 2023 – Bing Homepage, Weekly, Daily, News, Entertainment Quiz Today. In today’s article, I will discuss Bing Quiz and Bing Webmaster in detail. The world’s largest search engine is Google. It is true that Google is so popular that users know Google as a search engine. But apart from Google, there are many other search engines. Then there are many search engines like Yahoo, Baidu, AOL, Excite,, DuckDuckGo, etc. respectively. Hopefully reading the article will give you a lot of information about Bing, which you need to know as an active internet user.

What is Bing? Purpose of the Bing Quiz Competition

Search engine means where we go and search by typing various keywords or content. Bing is next to Google in this regard. Although Bing is a smaller search engine than Google, Bing officials use various strategies to increase its usage. Mainly in every event, Microsoft offers multiple questions called Bing Quiz and offers attractive prizes to the correct answerers. In view of this, the use of Bing is increasing.

A catchphrase from Bing Search Engine is “Bing & Decide” which means Search and Find on Bing. Microsoft’s Bing is also known as the Decision Engine because Bing helps searchers make the right decisions. Bing offers its users the opportunity to search based on the content of the web, videos, images, maps, etc. Bing search engine was founded on June 1, 2009, 12 years ago by Microsoft. Microsoft Bing, owned by Microsoft Corporation.

Bing Quiz 2 June 2023 List

Bing’s current status and how many employees work?

Although Google is far ahead of Bing. Yet Bing is ahead of the curve. And so it can be said that Bing’s current status is good. zippia According to data from Microsoft Bing, 3,001 employees are working on the management. That means Bing Search Engine is managed by 3001 people.

Bing Homepage, Weekly, Daily, News, Entertainment Quiz Today

Bing Quiz is an online educational platform. Which is working tirelessly for BCS, BANK, and NTRCA exam preparation for cooperation and proper evaluation of preparation. Our mission is to make education easily accessible through digital platforms. Today we will share accurate information about the Bing Quiz competition.

A few words about our quiz-

Quizzes hosted by Bing are on different topics every month. All our quiz contests are well-managed and solved.

Nowadays there are many fraudsters in the name quizzes who cheat people by organizing quizzes in various ways. Our quiz competition has no room for cheating. This quiz competition has been running for almost 2 years.


The purpose of organizing our quiz is to spread the light of knowledge among all and to know about the known and unknown general knowledge of various topics. Everyone participates in the quiz to gain some knowledge. And check your mettle by participating in this quiz and answering the questions.

Quiz Topics-

The subjects on which the quiz questions are asked are:

General Knowledge Questions, Bengali Language and Literature, History of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Affairs, Recent Affairs, Past Year Affairs, International Affairs, Information, and Technology.

How the quiz is done-

Bing Quiz contests are conducted through Google Forms. So, all the participants can participate comfortably and very easily, without any hassles.

How popular is Bing?

According to Statista, more than 12 billion searches are performed on the Bing search engine every month. Where Google searches 100 billion or more every month. While Google has more than 3.5 billion searches per day, Bing has 900 million searches per day.

If you want to use the Bing search engine from Bangladesh, first of all, you need to create a Microsoft account. To create a Microsoft account, go to any search engine and type Create a Microsoft Account and you will get the result of creating an account. You can go there and create an account with your email, and password in just a few minutes.

How much money does Microsoft earn annually from Bing?

According to Backlinko, Microsoft’s annual revenue from Bing was $8.53 million, which was $7.74 billion in 2020, $7.64 billion in 2019, $7.01 billion in 2018, and $6.22 billion in 2017.

How the questions are asked-

All questions are given in MCQ format.

Rules of Participation:

  • The quiz competition is open to all. Anyone can participate in the quiz.
  • You must participate with correct information at the time to participate in the quiz.
  • Participating with wrong information will be considered ineligible and removed from the list of participants.
  • A contestant can participate only once during the quiz period.
  • Quiz questions are to select the correct answer through Google Forms (MCQ) method.
  • If Google Forms submission fails due to any unforeseen issues, it will need to be re-submitted.
  • Only all citizens residing in Bangladesh can participate in this quiz. One of the reasons is the sending of the prize money that is given in the quiz.
  • The decision of the Organizers shall be final in any matter regarding the overall conduct and outcome of the Undefeated Quiz Contest.


Various questions have been released for the online based Bing Quiz competition. People of America can register and participate in this quiz competition using an online platform. The public the founder of Microsoft can know more deeply that the use of Bing is increasing day by day. So Bing Quiz competition has been organized to increase the usage of this web search engine.

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