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Bing Weekly Quiz 22 June 2023 – Bing Weekly Quiz Win Rewards

Bing Weekly Quiz 22 June 2023 organized by Bing Authority was held for the fourth time. The competition, organized by the American search engine Bing Quiz Society, will continue until January 2023. Bing homepage quiz officials announced the opening of this competition on Tuesday afternoon. On the first day, about five hundred students from 62 colleges and 72 schools from 47 districts of America took part in this competition.

Bing Weekly Quiz June 2023

The Bing Quiz Society is the largest quiz organization in the country. The Bing Weekly Quiz Society works to spread knowledge and wisdom among students of all levels including school-college-university. In continuation of this, we have organized the national quiz competition for the fourth time. Students are taking part in the competition spontaneously.

Efrat Ara Lamia, a 10th-grade student from New York College, said that students from various schools and colleges came to the competition. It’s great to mingle with them. We are thrilled to come to a place like New York in America to take part in the competition.

Bing Weekly Quiz For New York University Student

Sabit Ridwan, a student at New York University, said that there has been an excitement for a long time to take part in the Bing Weekly Quiz competition. A different feeling is working in the mind. I have come with a lot of preparation. Something good is coming. Students at the school level and college level and university level are participating in A Bing Quiz competition.

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I will award 3 people from each stage. There are also room and department-wise separate quiz sessions for New York University students. Incidentally, the New York University Quiz Society (DUQS) organizes weekly sessions, workshops, seminars, and various quiz competitions throughout the year, including the national and international Bing Weekly Quiz 2023.

How to participate in the Bing Weekly Quiz 2023

  • Anyone interested from anywhere in the world, including America, can take part in this quiz competition.
  • To take part in this quiz contest, fill out the coupon on page 3 of today’s newspaper, i.e. today’s Bing homepage quiz, and send it directly or by post.
  • Photocopy scanned copies and paper print copies of coupons are not acceptable.
  • One can send multiple coupons.
  • Enter the full name, address, mobile number, and email address by writing the answer in the space provided on the coupon (or by ticking the correct answer).
  • Cut out the quiz coupon printed in the newspaper and send it on the envelope with the name of the quiz i.e. ‘Bing Weekly Quiz Competition’ and the episode number on the side.
  • 3 mega winners per day, 3 per week, and 1 per month will be selected from the correct answers. I will select 103 winners every month in this quiz competition.
  • The Daily winners will each receive a $300 prize bond.
  • The weekly winners will each receive domestic round-trip plane tickets for 2 (including a companion) and $2,000 worth of Vibrant gift vouchers.
  • Each month’s mega winner will receive plane tickets for 2 (including a companion) to travel abroad.
  • The Bing Weekly Quiz competition is not open to anyone associated with today’s magazine.
  • The decision of the Authority in any matter relating to the conduct of the competition, results, and prizes shall be considered final.

Answer To The Questions of the Bing Weekly Quiz

Bing Weekly Quiz

Question No 1:

  • Option A) 8 million
  • Option B) 3,500
  • Option C) 1 million
  • Option D) 25 million

Question No 2:

  • Option A) Gave them sloppy kisses
  • Option B) Asked for their autographs
  • Option C) Flashed them
  • Option D) Bowed at their feet

Question No 3:

  • Option A) Water balloons
  • Option B) Corn on the cob
  • Option C) Tacos
  • Option D) Underwear featuring the team mascot

Question No 4:

  • Option A) Roseanne Barr
  • Option B) Betty White
  • Option C) Joy Behar
  • Option D) Margaret Cho.

Question No 5:

  • Option A) A clump of rotten tree roots
  • Option B) A huge pile of fetid bangers and mash
  • Option C) A toxic mixture of cooking oil and fats
  • Option D) A congealed mass of medical waste

Question No 6:

  • Option A) A necklace
  • Option B) A teddy bear
  • Option C) A chicken
  • Option D) A rose bush

Question No 7:

  • Option A) Arguing with the umpire
  • Option B) Texting
  • Option C) Dozing off during a game
  • Option D) Swearing

Question No 8:

  • Option A) Animal
  • Option B) Gonzo
  • Option C) Beaker
  • Option D) Kermit

Question No 9:

  • Option A) Steak
  • Option B) Bacon
  • Option C) Chicken wings
  • Option D) Hot dogs

Bing Weekly Quiz Question No 10:

  • Option A) He’s related to John Wilkes Booth
  • Option B) He and Matt Damon share a common ancestor
  • Option C) Ancestor-owned slaves
  • Option D) He’s a distant cousin of Jennifer Lopez

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