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Black Friday Deals 2023 – Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals 2023 – When the goods bought online are delivered by UPS to the doorstep and people are not present at home, the gang of thieves is running away with all the cars. The Black Friday Deals Christmas festival is still a month away – but why is it such a crazy situation? This is because some items for sale only in the morning are sold at incredibly low prices that day. Various manufacturers offer incredible discounts on popular toys and electronics. Somewhere around 70 or 80% of that comes with coupons and gift cards, sometimes just the price of water.

Black Friday Deals 2023

Black Friday Deals – I used to hear in the country that people eat tar when they get Magna. The experience in this country is that some people also buy tar, i.e. Ignoring the red and green colors of Christmas, one may ask why the colorful day of lights is named Black Friday. At the beginning of the immigrant life, we also thought that why the day of the biggest festival was known as black. After many years of expatriate life, the mystery of the black color of Friday was revealed, and I shrank in the insignificance of my own knowledge.

What is Black Friday? Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals– There is no rule that it should be on the same date. In 2015, it happened on 27 November, 25 November 2016, and 24 November 2017. Not the date, but the last Friday of November, is important here.

Around 1869, America was going through a terrible economic depression, at that time businessmen thought of a special day to overcome the depression. On September 24 of that year, they gave special discounts on products. According to some historians, they lost a lot in that concession. Generally, merchants sell products at special discounts on Black Friday Deals. There are precedents of 70 to 90 percent discount on that day. At least one share is exempted. Originally, the shopping for the Christian Christmas Day started on 25th December. This discount is on that occasion.

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Black Friday Deals 2022 – I read in an article sent to the country’s newspaper from New York before the death of the famous Bengali literary writer Humayun Ahmed: In this country, Saturday is for Jews, Sunday is for Christians and Friday is for Muslims, so the color of Friday is black. There are now a large number of fanatical native Muslims living abroad, and they must have given him such information. In fact, there is no religion of business or money, it follows a different religion of profit. As old business people know, in their books of accounts, the profit figure has been written in black ink since the beginning, and the figure written in red ink is lost.

Black Friday deals

Lowes Black Friday Deals 2023

Black Friday Deals– In fact, in 1819, two speculators foiled a massive plot to destroy the Wall Street gold market, which was lifted from disaster on this Friday in November.  After a couple of months of our immigrant life, the festive season arrived in America. I got an unknown Thanksgiving Day by eating a roast turkey at a friend’s house in the middle of a cold winter.

According to history, in 1620, immigrants who came across the Thames from England in a ship called the May Flower reached the shores of the Atlantic and thanked God. But after years of conflict and war with the natives, starvation came to their lives. As a result, they were forced to come to an agreement and learn from the natives how to grow crops and store them for the winter.

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Black Friday Deals 2022 – When many birds lived, this turkey bird was known by Bengalis as a pheasant or forest rooster. After America’s independence, Thanksgiving was chosen as a federal holiday to give thanks to God. Every year on the third Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day progresses through the turkey bird feast to Christmas Day. American Bengalis of my generation usually eat polao-korma, biryani, kebabs, etc. During the festival. Roast turkey is a must on Thanksgiving Day. But one might wonder what other Americans eat for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Black Friday Deals – Roast turkey, but what else? I hear a colleague rave about my new ex-pat life. The day after Thanksgiving, he was sitting in his office talking about dinner at his aunt’s house. And I was eagerly listening to it.

Where does the name Black Friday come from?

  • Black Friday Deals 2023 – In 1950, the Philadelphia State Police called the day after Thanksgiving Day Black Friday. Because on this day in America, the biggest trade of the year and the most exciting football game of the year were held. The American army was competing in that football competition. As a result of this game, there were heavy traffic jams across the city roads. Apart from this, there was a huge crowd of people on the sidewalk. Philadelphia police and bus drivers had to be very quick to handle these. For this reason, they named this day ‘Black Friday Deals‘.
  • According to many, ‘Black Friday’ starts at midnight. Customers started lining up at midnight, stores were opened after dark. People rushed into the shop and bought whatever they could catch first. This business of selling goods is over before the light of day. Hence the name ‘Black Friday Sale’.
  • The economic accounting explanation of Black Friday is that the red spot in the ledger of the sellers whose sales and profits gradually decrease, returns to the black ink after the sale of this day. So this Friday is called ‘Black Friday Deals 2023‘.


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