DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies 2022 – EPWP Data Capturer

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DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies 2022 has been released by the South African Public Service Administration. This vacancy is known as the EPWP Data Capturer. As always, the EPWP Data Capturer has been released. The authorities provide a good salary allowance for this notification. So in this year’s notification R 147,459.00 has been mentioned as the yearly fixed salary. Western Cape, Western Cape, mentioned in the notification, invites citizens seeking permanent employment to apply. A grade 12 certificate is required for DPSA Data Capturer Vacancy 2022 application. Therefore, if your qualification matches the said post, complete the application before 26th April 2022.

DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies

DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies 2022 Data entry means converting data from any hard copy to soft copy by typing with the help of a typist and collecting or storing the data in its proper place. There are many online and offline companies or firms that need a Data Capturer. In this post, we will regularly publish the recruitment notice of DPSA Data Capturers of different companies in South Africa.

Job Summary of DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies

DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies

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DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies



  • Name of Department, Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA)
  • Job Post Name EPWP Data Capturer
  • Salary R 147,459.00 Yearly
  • Location Western Cape
  • Qualification Grade 12
  • Last Date 26 April 2022
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DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies pay information varies considerably based on many factors, including other information:

  • Location (home- or office-based work),
  • Status as an employee or independent contractor
  • Rate structure, difficulty/skill level, and requirement Speed ​​you can work.
  • However, data entry work – from your home, office, or an outside office – usually pays very modest wages.

DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies 2022 Salary Structure

All this, without the hourly wage, faster, more experienced data will make Data Capturer pay more. In the United States, at the rate at which employment is paid in a structure other than wages, an employee must receive the minimum wage in the state where the work is performed. The pay order for DPSA Data Capturer may be substantial, perhaps an average of per hour for an office-based data entry operator. Of course, no work will be reported at $1 per hour, but complex per-piece pay structures can work that little.

Rules for filling online forms
  • Candidates have to go to the link http://jsssl.net/career for the post they want to apply for, fill in all the information by mentioning the name of the post, and scan the application with a signed picture.
  • The candidate’s national identity card number and mobile number must be mentioned in the application
  • After the initial enrollment, the selected candidates will be informed about the date and time of the examination via SMS on their mobile phones
  • Those who have passed the written, practical and oral examinations will be recruited according to their merit
  • Original copy of all the required documents 02 Photocopies should be brought along during the oral examination
  • No TADA will be provided for participation in the oral examination
DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies 2022 Guide:
  • Examine the missing eye and finger for fitness. However, they will also be considered as a DPSA Data Capturer exception.
  • Check the software and point out biometric exceptions, where applicable. Do not identify biometric exceptions where biometrics may be mandatory. This would be considered ‘fraud’ and would lead to severe punishment.
  • With DPSA Data Capturer Exceptions, regardless of the type of exception, always take a picture of the resident’s face and both hands.
  • There may be no resources for accessing biometric devices or for keeping oneself in the right position for photography because of old age or illness.
  • DPSA Data Capturer – Facial photo, IRIS, and fingerprint for all residents over 5 years of age after 5 years.
  • Any child under the age of 5 is only required to have a picture of the face and biometric confirmation of one parent.
DPSA Data Capturer Vacancies 2022 Guide for Capturing Face Images:

Location Position: To capture the image of the face, the operator should adjust the camera to the position or position itself in the correct position instead of the general. Residents should be instructed to sit upright with their backs straight and their faces towards the camera.


The DPSA Data Capturer device should use automatic focus and auto-catch function. The output image speed should be blurred, underexposure, under miraculous colored light, and not distorted.

Expressions: Expressions impress automatic face recognition performance and affect accurate visual inspection of humans. Neutral expression of the face is strongly recommended.

Eyeglasses: People usually wear spectacles. It is recommended to take them with photographic spectacles. However, the glasses must be clean and transparent. Dark glasses / tinted glasses should be taken off before taking photographs.

Operators need the best possible face pictures that need to be trained to satisfy the requirements. Even if the standard flag is green, the operator can judge that an excellent picture can be taken, and a similar effort should be made.

For children, it is acceptable for the child to sit in the role of a parent, but it is necessary to make sure that the parent’s face is not captured with the child’s mouth. With children, the screen may be rejected because of the screen, but two pictures should not be stuck in one picture.