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DPSA Operator Vacancies 2023

DPSA Operator Vacancies 2023 Manpower Recruitment circular has been published under the Local Government Public Service Administration. This permanent appointment will be given to over one person in seven types of posts. Only candidates from Mmabatho, North-West District mentioned in the notification, will apply.

DPSA Operator Vacancies

The DPSA Operator Vacancies 2022 Director said that like other job exams, questions will be asked in Bengali, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, and current affairs. However, the type of question will be different according to the position and qualification.

However, the written test for the post of Computer Operator-cum-Accounting Assistant will be 50 marks and the practical test will have 25 marks. The oral test will be within three to six months of the publication of the written test results. Night watchmen may be appointed through an oral examination. Experienced will be preferred. If all goes well, tests may be taken in the first week of April. The examination for the post of Assistant Project Director will be held at Mmabatho, North West. And other posts will be tested in the candidate’s department.

Job Summary of DPSA Operator Vacancies


DPSA Operator Vacancies 2023


  • Name: Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA)
  • Job Post Name Senior Mainframe Operator
  • Salary R321, 543.00 Yearly
  • Location Mmabatho, North West
  • Qualification appropriate
  • Last date 22 April 2022
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Exam Preparation

Usually, appropriate-level questions are asked. In the Bengali part, questions are asked about grammar, the life of writers, and literary works. You can see the book Bangla Grammar of Ninth-Tenth Grade Board and Soumitra Shekhar’s Sahitya Jignasa. In English, questions usually come from grammar. The book English for Competitive Exam will be useful for grammar preparation.

If you want to do well in mathematics, master the math books of the sixth to ninth-tenth class boards. In the general knowledge section, questions come from South Africa and international issues. Emphasis should be placed on recent issues. If you want to do better in this part, you can see general knowledge books and information-based monthly periodicals like Today’s World, New World, etc. The examination for the post of Computer Operator-cum-Accounting Assistant will have questions related to computers along with Bengali, English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge.

Salary scale

DPSA Operator Vacancies 2022 will get a salary on the scale of 35,600 rupees. The salary scale for the post of District Coordinator will be 32,300, for the post of Upazila Coordinator will be 24,600, for the post of Field Supervisor will be 18,065, for the post of Computer Operator-cum-Accounting Assistant will be 18,650, for the post of Field Assistant will be 16,600 and for the post of Night Watchman will be 14,000. 450 ZAR.

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