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DPSA Supply Chain Officer Vacancies 2023

The DPSA Supply Chain Officer Vacancies 2023 will be recruited by the Public Service Administration. Job seekers are always interested in this position. A Supply Chain Officer plays a major role in marketing products, starting from the procurement of raw materials for the production system. This position is available in very few institutions in our country. However, the demand for this profession is gradually increasing.

DPSA Supply Chain Officer Vacancies 2023

The South African Public Service Administration has announced the recruitment of DPSA Supply Chain Officer Vacancies to help unemployed youth build better careers. The vacancy has not been filled for a long time, so the activities of this post are continuing. Therefore, to start the activities in the right way, Supply Chain Officer Vacancies will employ skilled and hardworking job candidates. Only job seekers from Pretoria, Gauteng are invited to apply for this position.

Job Summary of DPSA Supply Chain Officer Vacancies


DPSA Supply Chain Officer Vacancies

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  • Name Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA).
  • Job Post Name Supply Chain Officer.
  • Pay Salary: R 261,372.00 Yearly.
  • Job Location: Pretoria, Gauteng.
  • Educational Qualification: Degree/National Diploma.
  • Last Date 27 May 2022.

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What kind of work does a DPSA Supply Chain Officer do?

  • Procurement of quality raw materials for the production of products as per the business plan.
  • Monitor and keep track of product progress.
  • Liaising with staff involved in product quality control.
  • To complete the necessary work of product marketing.
  • Accurate accounting of the entire marketing process, from product production.
  • Supervise whether the product is reaching the client properly.
What are the qualifications of a DPSA Supply Chain Officer?
Educational Qualification: Work and Institutional. It is important to have a good knowledge of the type of product that an organization usually makes. For example, pharmaceutical companies want employees with a degree in pharmacy. A degree / National Diploma is a minimum qualification. Currently, some organizations expect separate studies on supply chain management from job seekers.
What kind of skills and knowledge does a DPSA Supply Chain officer need to have?
  • Good knowledge of product manufacturing, marketing and supply.
  • The ability to analyze the details.
  • The ability to solve business problems quickly.
  • Be able to communicate efficiently with different levels of staff and clients.
  • Being able to finish work within a specified time frame.
  • Ability to use the organization’s resources properly.
  • These skills will help you understand the importance of supply chain management.
Where to study DPSA Supply Chain Officer?
The issue of supply chain management is quite new in our country. So there are very limited opportunities to study in it. Advanced Supply Chain Solutions South Africa Limited conducts short-term diploma courses. An international certificate can be obtained by examination after completing the course.
What might a DPSA Supply Chain officer’s career look like?
In our country usually, this post is also appointed as Logistics Officer or Procurement Officer. Give a basic test on supply chain management and if you score well you get a chance to stay in the career talent pool. Employers looking for supply chain management skills can call you for a job interview from that talent pool.


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