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Engagement rings are usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Why is this done? Have you ever thought? Why is the wedding ring not worn on the index, middle, or junior finger? A ring on her finger symbolizes eternal love and attachment to her partner. Because love has no end, just as the circle has no end. The ring is his symbol.

In Latin, the ring finger of the left hand is known as ‘Vienna amorist. Which means ‘artery of love’. People believe that wearing an engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand will help a woman develop a bond of love with her life partner. Because your life partner is the closest to your heart.

Engagement Rings

A ring is an ornament that can be worn by both men and women. It has been inextricably linked with men’s fashion statements for the past several thousand years. Sometimes it is the luxury of the property, sometimes it carries a message. Let’s see, which finger engagement rings make a statement.

Ring finger: Ring finger rings are ideal for those who like rings in general. There are several other benefits of wearing a ring on this finger. Generally, there is no special ritual associated with wearing this finger ring. So wear it if you want. Moreover, having a ring on this finger does not pose any particular problem during heavy work.

Middle finger: The largest finger of the hand. Psychologists say that people who wear rings for the first time choose the middle one first. One reason is that it looks ‘manly’. But any heavy work can be a little difficult, so it is better to wear smaller rings.

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Index Finger: After the thumb, the most used finger in our daily activities is the index finger. Studies have shown that most men prefer to keep this finger blank. But this is a recent idea. Until a few hundred years ago, men preferred to wear rings on these fingers. This finger is ideal for wearing family rings, fraternal rings, etc.

Thumb: Generally, this finger is not used to wearing rings. But according to the psychology of today’s urban men, many people choose to wear rings on this finger to express an abundance of money and great family wealth. You can wear it too, but make sure the ring is not too big. It is already the fattest finger. If it is a thick ring with stone on it, it can look very mismatched.

Unique Engagement Rings For Women

Why engagement rings are worn on the ring finger?

An unwritten rule of marriage is to wear a ring. The practice of wearing a ring on the ring finger during engagement or marriage is all over the world. Husband and wife keep the rings given by loved ones. This is a special sign of marriage.

This custom of wearing rings started in the West Because of this belief, this finger was chosen to wear the wedding ring.

Initially, only round rings were used as wedding rings. It was believed that the meeting of two loving hearts would take the form of a round ring. A circle has no edges. Its journey is infinite. Love has no end. This special shape is given to highlight this point.

However, there is no scientific evidence of arteriosclerosis. So the idea that this finger is connected with the heart is also uncontroversial.

There is another theory in Chinese fables about Anamika. The Chinese believe that the five fingers of the hand reveal our past, present, and future. It is said that our thumb represents our parents. Index children. The middle represents the self. There is a life partner on the ring finger. And our grandchildren in the youngest.

Now touch the tips of all the fingers with both hands. The middle is our own sign, so fold it inwards so that the two knots of the middle meet. Now try to separate the upper fingers one by one. You will see, the thumb can be separated. It means we get separated from our parents or have to go. The index finger can also be separated. It means our children are not always with us. The younger ones are the same, the grandchildren are not with them all their lives.

If you notice, all the fingers can be separated but only the ring finger can never be separated while the middle two are folded inwards. This is why rings are worn on the ring finger.

In the sixteenth century, the famous Dutch physician Levinas Lemnius wrote in his book, if a woman rubs the gold ring on her ring finger, a kind of gentle stirring is created in her heart. Which helps to keep his body and mind fresh.

Engagement Rings Traditions and Islam

There is a tradition all over the world of wearing an engagement ring before marriage. Rings are worn in engagement ceremonies. Betrothal means making arrangements for marriage. The word bug is derived from Sanskrit words and sentences. Vaka Dan means giving words. In the marriage vow ceremony, boys and girls wear rings or gold chains to each other. Its practice began during the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt. After some time the Greeks also followed suit and later the custom of wearing engagement rings spread to Rome and other regions.

Some reasons and reasons why a ring should be worn on the fourth finger i.e. The ring finger is also explained. In Arabic, it is called Dubla. Arab’s scholars have many conflicting fatwas on this matter. Shaykh bin Baz. Gave a fatwa against it. He said this ring custom has no basis in Islamic Shariah. It is nothing but an imitation of the customs of non-Muslims. So it is important to abandon it. The consent of the bride and groom is sufficient for marriage. The marriage will be completed through Aqad, before that the customs which are in operation in the society should be avoided. In every case, one should follow Islamic culture and refrain from unIslamic activities.

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Islam has its own taste and culture in the field of marriage. Although Islam lays down basic principles in social matters, ancillary matters are left open. In these cases no one aspect is determined. It is recommended in Islam to choose the direction of real welfare. At the time when the Qur’an was revealed in Arabia, there was no custom of wearing a ring before marriage. For this reason, we do not find any mention of any regulations related to this in the Quran or Hadith.

Even later it was not practiced in Muslim society. If it was in vogue then, it would have been mentioned in the book of Islamic Fiqh. In ancient fatwa books, discussions are found on even the smallest matters. A great chapter is written on marriage, but there is no mention of the betrothal ceremony before marriage. Of course, in the hadith there is talk of seeing a girl.

Conclusion Part of Unique Engagement Rings For Women

There are several other hadiths in favor of boys and girls seeing each other before marriage. But the custom that has been introduced in society is not exactly the purpose of the hadith. No formality is mentioned in the hadith. Many festivals around marriage have been introduced in our Muslim society. None of these go with Islamic culture. A fundamental view of Islam is to facilitate marriage.

There are many guidelines regarding marriage in Islam. There is no mention of any engagement ceremony before marriage in these provisions. Yes, there is a bride and groom ceremony after the wedding. Alima is the Arabic equivalent of Bau-Bhat.

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