France Lotto Results 2 June 2023

Official France Lotto Winning Numbers Results are now available for 2 June 2023. The French Lotto is drawn three times a week, specifically every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday night, with the authorities quickly announcing the winning numbers. Without going into the rules of the game, we have gathered the official information and prepared the article to provide the France Lotto Results 6 May 2023.

France Lotto Results 2 June 2023

If you are searching for the winning numbers of France Lotto Results Today 2023, then you have landed on the perfect website. You may find a lot of trustworthy sources for France Lotto results on Google in addition to our website. You may be sure to be aware of the current France Lotto results because the winning numbers have already been made available on our website for the convenience of visitors from other nations.

France Lotto Results 30 April 2023

France Lotto Results 2 June 2023 History

The official France Lotto results are published online soon after the draw, and we have them available here for your convenience. Three times every week, the France Lotto (Lotto) is drawn, and the chances of winning are among the greatest. Following each game, the authorities post the most recent winning numbers here. You may quickly check the numbers to see if you’ve won the France Lotto raffle or main draw. Did you know that, in addition to the main draw, the lottery jackpot is won by players who match five other key numbers? With a jackpot payout of €24 million on a single ticket, France Lotto records a new high.

France Lotto Results 2 June 2023 Draw

The French lottery has produced over 150 millionaires since 2002. After the draw on 24 May, 2023, the latest France Lotto results for France Française des Jeux are now accessible. You can discover more about the updated charts, recent winning numbers, and France Lotto result updates by perusing through the page. The latest France Lotto results are published immediately after the draw results become available. Look up your numbers and the April 29, 2023, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday lottery results. is the finest website to obtain France Lotto results. Any information pertaining to the France Lotto Result 2023 is currently available here. The most recent France Lotto results are shown here for your convenience.

Main Draw032236404805Jackpot: €2,000,000
Plus Draw0204111947

History of French National Lottery Results 2023

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for the most recent official updates on France Lotto result history. The majority of visitors want to know the history of the France Lotto results, thus this record is stored for convenient access. On a single page, you can access all previous France Lotto results. At 20:30 GMT on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, the France Lotto drawing takes place. Visit our website to get the France Lotto results for tonight. Millions of people seek several websites to get France Lotto Result History 2023 because it is very important. This page will provide accurate updates for you. View the past few months’ worth of lottery results.

Saturday 3 May 2023
Wednesday 26 April 202331114182410
Monday 24 April 20231232541492
Saturday 22 April 202312132635481
Wednesday 19 April 20235344143465
Monday 17 April 20233131842439
Saturday 15 April 2023151719293210
Wednesday 12 April 202310151826307

Important Lotto (France) Facts

  • Although it has never happened, rolling the jackpot 34 times could result in a maximum prize of €36 million.
  • Players may enter a second drawing by paying an extra charge. The biggest reward in this scenario is €100,000.
  • You need more numbers, sometimes known as chance numbers, in order to win the jackpot.
  • Every participant is automatically entered to win one of ten €20,000 prizes in a lottery. Depending on how many people participate, the odds change.

Any winnings are tax-free.

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