GST Admission 2023 Result-guccho result

GST Admission Result 2023 Admission Test Passed With Good Results, Fighting With Millions Of Students. This time, the admission test of 19 universities will be held together. Unit-based questionnaires have undergone major changes in the universities adopting the cluster system.

On the other hand, there was no change in the question structure of the Guccho admission test this time. Md. Fahad Hossain, a student at Noakhali University of Science and Technology, has advised the students of reputed universities and medical colleges of the country about the need for unit-based preparation of a student if he wants to get a chance in dream university and medical college.

GST Admission Result 2023

GST Admission 2023 preparation begins after the HSC examination. In this great war of fulfilling the dream of admission test, everyone tries their best to get a place in the org of their dreams. To do well in the science unit, first of all, you have to pay attention to the basic concepts of the textbook and time management.

If you want to get good marks in mathematics on the admission test, you have to emphasize solving the questions in the shortcut method. There are many short questions in Physics and Chemistry that, if solved quickly and accurately, can take you far ahead in the admission war. There is no substitute for textbooks for Biology, Bengali, English, and ICT.

Guccho Admission 2023 Result

Model tests should be done regularly at home. In this way, it is possible to increase one’s self-confidence and time management ability during the exam. If you do not have a simple question, then it is wise to move forward without wasting time. Wearing a white apron is the dream of millions of students in Bangladesh. But few students get this opportunity. Last-minute preparations for the Guccho admission fighters have begun. Admission seekers should keep in mind several things at this time.


Since the GST Admission Result 2022 test is subjective, the book’s short informative questions are very important. Along with collecting the question papers of the past admission test, the preparation can be done with a clear idea. During the preparation, you have to pay attention so that every moment is fruitful. If all matters are not given equal importance, then repentance is inevitable.


Guccho Admission Result

Guccho admission test Result questions are asked from textbooks. These questions are asked from physics, chemistry, and biology. As well as questions are also asked from English and general knowledge. Therefore, helpful books will come in handy. There is no substitute for textbooks. Old readings have to be revised again and again. If necessary, the routine has to be done. Because if you do routine, the study is quite tidy.

GST Admission Test Result

Everyone has a fear of the test. If it is a varsity admission test, then the fear has increased, right? Well, I think overcoming that fear is to finish half the test. As a suggestion, I would say that the books that you have followed (Accounting, Business Organization, and Management, Bengali, English, and ICT) should be read a little better.

Since a little advanced level Bengali-English question is asked here, in that case, one has to buy and read any Bengali, English book available in the market. Since ICT has been added in a bunch of ways, the advice for everyone is to pay close attention to the details of the ICT book in your hand. Above all, welcome everyone to the courtyard of the dark public university of the highest knowledge.

 All University Admission tests Apply

So it is doubtful that most of the questions will depend on the textbook. You can prepare for the Bangla first paper of higher secondary for Bengali, for the grammar part from the ninth and tenth grade Bangla second paper. So more and more different rules for English grammar need to be practiced at home. There is no textbook alternative for ICT. This time, since 25 marks are allotted for ICT, ICT should be prepared with importance.

GST Admission official website GSTAdmission.AC.BD

After the publication of the results of the HSC and equivalent exam, the preparation for the admission test started in a batch system. To this end, the head of the organization and the concerned people are sitting in a meeting on Thursday. However, it was initially decided that the admission test would be taken only after the outbreak of corona.

Since this year (2020) all the students have been given an auto pass without any test, so at least in the case of university admission, there is no alternative but to take the test. In other words, the students will be admitted to the highest educational institution only after verifying their merit through the exam.

In response to the question of when the admission test can be organized in a cluster system, the joint convener of the committee consisting of the VCs of the cluster universities, Jagannath University VC Prof. However, everyone has agreed in principle that I am not conducting tests unless the prevalence of corona is reduced. So right now we can’t say any specific date for now. However, a meeting will be held on Thursday with the Vice-Chancellor and policymakers of the concerned universities.

GST Final Admission 2023

A person involved in conducting the examinations in the cluster system said that this time due to the publication of results in a special system, some exceptional rules will be followed in the case of admission to public universities. Because for so many days, students were usually selected based on 200 marks. Of these, 80 marks were on the grade points obtained in SSC and HSC. And the test was taken at number 120. But this time it is not happening. The universities do not want to put any number on the grade point in admission.

This time, since HSC and equivalent results have been published based on the previous two examinations without examination, the public universities are strict in merit verification.
According to sources, Dhaka University, one of the top four universities in the country, has already announced the number 100 admission test. Of these, only 20 marks will be taken from SSC and HSC results. The other three universities have also announced separate exams. However, they have not yet disclosed the distribution of admission test numbers.

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Agricultural universities are the promoters of batch system testing in the country. They have taken the same test since last year. This time six organizations have been added to this group. And 20 general and science and technology universities have already announced their decision to take the test in a single batch. The group has already held two meetings.

This time all 13 lacks 8 thousand 36 students have passed the HSC and equivalent exam of 2022 through Autopatch. Of these, one lakh 71 thousand 36 people got a GPA of 5. As a result, there are concerns about whether there are higher education seats for all students. There are 290 seats in the affiliated institutions of the university. Earlier in the day, Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni said that there may not be enough seats in the university for all the students who have passed the Higher Secondary exam.

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