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Core i7 Windows Laptop – Best Core i7 Windows Laptop Price

Nowadays, a Core i7 Windows laptop is required for any job. In the global market, Core i7 laptops come in different variants from time to time. Core i7 laptops are now more affordable than ever.

Core I7 Windows Laptop – Best Core i7 Windows Laptop Price

Dell’s Inspiron series of Core i7 laptops in the market. Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd. has launched a new Dell Inspiron 13-7370 model laptop. This laptop is equipped with Intel 8th generation Core i7 processor, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 256 GB SSD, Intel Ultra HD graphics, 13.3 inches full LED display, a backlit keyboard, and an integrated widescreen HD camera with a digital microphone.

What are the benefits of a Core i7 Windows laptop?

It’s fairly easy to get a Core i7 laptop now, and Core i7 Windows laptops are great for today. Core i7 laptops have the following advantages:

  • You can buy Core i7 laptops from your preferred brand as various vendors offer them.
  • The price of the first Core i-7 laptop in Bangladesh is almost half of the most recent, making it possible to select the appropriate generation based on this task.
  • Compared to previous processors, the Core i7 does more.
  • Core i7 laptops are compatible with current software, enabling users to work efficiently and on demand.
  • Carrying out heavy tasks can be easily done with Core i7 laptops. The Core i7 processor works very fast for large files.
  • In Bangladesh, you can get Core i7 laptops with different features like touchscreen, non-touchscreen, full HD display, and 4K display. As a result, it is possible to purchase a laptop at a very low cost.
  • The processing core of the Core i7 CPU is the primary reason to power laptops with this processor. Additionally, this core prevents the laptop from heating up quickly, which facilitates battery backup.
  • Core i7 laptops are currently relatively thin and light, making them easier for consumers to carry.
  • With a Core i7 laptop, you can play a wide variety of games.
  • It is easy to purchase a Core i7 laptop based on your budget, as it is adequate in the country’s market.

Best Core i7 Windows Laptop Price

What is the price of a Core i7 Windows laptop?

Core i7 laptop price in Bangladesh starts from TK 21 thousand 990. This laptop has a touchscreen. A fourth-generation Core i7 processor is used for this TK 21,990 laptop. This laptop has a 14 inches full HD display, 500 GB HDD, and 4 GB RAM. However, since this is a used laptop, the cost is really affordable. Also, there are new Core i7 laptop models with different configurations in the Bangladesh market.

i7 Windows Laptop

What is the minimum generation processor required for a Core i7 laptop to play games?

There is no specific model of laptop needed to play video games. Gaming can be done on a Core i7 laptop of any model. There are some additional advantages in graphics processing, although the updated model only contributes slightly to CPU speed. There is no problem in choosing a model according to your budget. Core i7 processors range from the fourth generation to the twelfth generation.

What is the best Core i7 laptop for graphics work?

Core i7 Windows Laptop Prices start between TK 78,000 to TK 150,000. This laptop has a 15.6-inch full HD display, 8 GB ram, and 512 GB SSD storage. It can also be used for advanced programming, animation videos, and freelancing.

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