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Join My Quizzes Login 2023

Join My Quizzes Login 2023 and keep an eye out to participate in quizzes in our official group every night at 11 pm. Many of you are familiar with Facebook-based quizzes. We first launched it in 2012, very much as an experiment. We used to give cash gifts to the winners to encourage participation in the quizzes. A gift equal to 10 thousand rupees was given every month and there were quizzes every day. We used to know the quiz as Cash Cow Quiz for calling convenience. The quiz was closed at various times. Multiple faculty at Greek have administered the quiz at different times. Then the quiz was closed again for almost a year.

Join My Quizzes Login

No matter where you’re from, the end of the year is always a time for celebration, laughter, and heated trivia to derail the holiday lull. Login to Add to My Quizzes. Many of you may not know how to log in, so today I will teach you how to participate in the quiz competition. This website is very popular for quiz competitions. Most of the contestants participate in quiz games from this website. So, you are invited to participate in Join My Quizzes.

Short Summary of Join My Quizzes

  • A quiz will be posted on the Facebook group every day at 11 pm.
  • The answer should be given in a Google form, the link of which will be given with the quiz.
  • 4 days a week will be GRE and the remaining 3 days will be quizzed on IELTS topics.
  • A combination of accuracy and speed will determine the winner. Three winners every day.
  • The Monthly prize money is 10 thousand TK. Three winners each day will get a total of 300 rupees, so there will be some money left over in a 30 or 31-day month, which can be used to do a big quiz one day.
  • One day of the week, the prize money will be sent to the winners of that week via mobile/email.
  • Anyone can participate in Join My Quizzes. However, we will take steps to discourage multiple participation by the same person using fake IDs, which will remain much the same as previous quizzes. At this stage, I am hoping for the opinion of the older members of Greek.
  • Participating winners will receive a cash prize, but their university will receive some points. In the past, we have ranked universities based on these points on the online GRE quiz. Although this method is not perfect, there is currently no other way to rank GRE performance based on varsity than GRE quizzes like this one. So, participate and promote your university.
  • Over the past year, many new members who are unfamiliar with our old culture have joined the group. They can go through some old quizzes if they want.

How to join my quiz 2023?

It’s super easy! If we’re going to remember 2023 for anything, let it be the birth of the online quiz. Online quizzes have spread around the world like a nameless airborne virus. Enthralls players and leaves them with a burning question.

Join My Quizizz Login

Join My Quizzes and win bonuses. Customers can win attractive daily bonuses by providing correct answers to the fastest quizzes. Customers can get a bonus by making transactions after playing the quiz.

Every day, 2000 participants can win special prizes by playing this Join My Quizzes Championship. A participant will get this bonus maximum of once during the campaign period. The quiz will run till December 15.

Attention Rules of Join My Quizzes

  • Enter the link
  • Now provide the development number and tap on the “Go” option
  • Fill in the captcha
  • Now tap on the “Play” option
  • After 5 seconds, you will see the quiz
  • You will get total 3 quizzes, try to answer each one correctly
    After answering all three quizzes, you will see how many seconds you have completed the quiz and how many questions you have answered correctly
  • After that, you can get a chance to win prizes by making transactions from the Bkash app
  • You can also participate in the quiz multiple times by tapping on the “Play Again” option.

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