Maybank gold price Today 2023 – Malaysia Maybank Gold & Silver Price

Maybank Gold Price 2023 Today low, Gold buy Now. Maybank Gold price and Silver prices are in today’s table. These gold prices rose on Wednesday after falling for three consecutive days. On the MCX index, the price of 10 grams of yellow metal rose by 0.8 percent or MYR 309 to MYR 51,60 crore. Meanwhile, on the third working day of the week, Malaysia‘s Gold prices have risen slightly. Ten-gram Maybank gold price increased by 50 MYR. Maybank Gold Price is very low and useful. So, Maybank gold Price is very useful for our country. Malaysia Maybank Gold Price day-by-day ratings.

Maybank gold price Today

Maybank gold price Today
DateSelling (RM/g)Buying (RM/g)
28 Jun 2022266.66256.54
DateSelling (RM/g)Buying (RM/g)
17 Jun 20223.202.95
Date: 17 June 2022 Maybank Gold Investment Account
  • Selling (RM/g)= 261.25
  • Buying (RM/g)= 251.33

Date: 17 June 2022 Maybank Silver Investment Account

  • Selling (RM/g)= 3.18
  • Buying (RM/g)= 2.93
Date: 17 June 2022 Kijang Emas Daily Prices
  • Size (oz) One = 8,454.00.
  • Selling (RM) = 8,120.00.
  • Buying (RM) = 8,120.00.
Maybank Gold’s price continues in Malaysia after the market opened on Wednesday morning. The price of gold. The price of the yellow metal has come down for four days in a row. At one point, the price of 10 grams of gold fell to 51,360 MYR. However, yellow metal emerged later. In Kolkata, the price of 10 grams of Maybank gold has gone up by 50 MYR.
(Malaysia and Maybank gold and silver price? Keep an eye out here)

Malaysia Gold rate in Maybank

Gold prices fell in the Malaysian market in the morning. The price of one kilogram of gold came close to 6,000 MYR. Later gold rose a little. The price of one kilogram of silver rose by 0.27 percent or MYR 189 to MYR 6.36 per rupee. However, Maybank gold has fallen sharply. The price of one kilogram of the gold butt has come down by 450 MYR.

What was the price of Malaysian Maybank gold when the market closed on Wednesday?

  • 24 carats, hard gold (10 gm) โ€“ 52,150 MYR (52,100 MYR).
  • 22 carats, jewelry, gold (10 grams) โ€“ 49,500 MYR (49,450 MYR).
  • ย 22 carats, Hallmark gold jewelry (10 gm) โ€“ 50,250 MYR (MYR. 50,200).
  • ย One kilogram of Silver butt โ€“ 6,250 MYR (6,600 MYR).
  • One kilogram of retail gold โ€“ 6,350 MYR (6,600 MYR).

Maybank Gold Rate, April 30

Maybank gold prices plummeted in the month of Bhadra. On the Multi Commodity Exchange, gold fell 0.03 percent. By 9:15 a.m. This situation stood at the price of gold. International gold prices, meanwhile, rose slightly on Friday. Spot gold was up 0.3 percent today. As a result, spot gold was trading at 1,758.10 an ounce. The price rises at 3:30 a.m. Greenwich meantime. US gold futures, meanwhile, traded at 1,659.50. On the same day, gold futures rose 0.2 percent in the US market.

Maybank silver price

The Maybank price of silver today stood at 61,231 MYR per 1 kg. According to market estimates, silver prices fell 0.25 percent. Eid season is ahead. The reduction in the price of silver from that place is a significant event. Meanwhile, the price of 10 grams of gold in Malaysia was 47,330 MYR for the last several days. As a result, just as the price of gold plummeted during the Eid season, so has the price of silver.

Malaysian Maybank gold price today

On the day of Eid, the price of gold is again at 48 thousand MYR house today. The price of gold in 10 grams is 24500 MYR in 24 carats, and 4850 MYR in 1 gram. The price of gold in jewelry is 22 carats in 1 gram. Hallmark gold price per gram 22 carats 4575 MYR 10 gram gold price 45650 MYR.

Gold prices in other cities in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Gold price is 22,350 MYR at 22 carats, 24-carat gold price is 47,620 MYR. Mumbai 22-carat gold price 45,360 MYR, 24-carat gold price 48360 MYR. Gold prices in Delhi are 45,650 MYR and 49,950 MYR. Bangalore’s gold price is 22,400 MYR at 22 carats, and 24-carat gold price is 48,350 MYR there.
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Ending Part

Gold prices are down again in Malaysia. Maybank gold prices on the Multi Commodity Exchange today fell to a record low from last year’s gold prices. Maybank for the last few days. Gold prices have fallen sharply.

But after that, he could not stand up for gold service. Gold prices have plummeted in successive sessions. As a result, the price of gold was around MYR 56,000 in 2020, from which the gold medal has gone down in many parts.

a result, we consider it to be a great opportunity for gold jewelry sellers before Eid. We learn that many jewelers have benefited from the Maybank gold retail business in August. In this situation, let’s see where the price of Maybank gold has gone on the day of Eid.

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