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MM2 Values Today june 2023 – MM2 Values 2023 List New

MM2 Values 2023 today Update. MM2 Godly Value 2023 Including all MM2 Values List published here. How do you know the MM2 Values 2023 list for August, and what is the value of seer in MM2? We can obtain divine Weapons from crates, crafting, games, events, trading, or merchandise purchase codes at Although many divine weapons are rare, divine weapons are one level below the ancient weapons and one level above the legendary weapons. Bought the official MM2 Merchandise during the 2nd Christmas. Murder Mystery 2’s Official Value List. MM2 Rares Value List: Boxes/Keys. Made without bias, by the top clans in MM2, for you all. Been going strong since 2017! Over 1.4 Million monthly.

MM2 Values Today june 2023

MM2 is an online or offline game that people play to pass the time in their free time. In any case, games give us some mental relaxation. This game, however, completely beats some of my favorite smartphone parts. Besides, it also causes damage. Collecting MM2 values ​​code online takes a huge strain on mobile phone batteries. The loading of game animations and graphics while playing games drains our phone’s battery a lot. Any normal online game consumes about 70% of our phone’s extra battery and power.

MM2 Values 2023

Nowadays, the real fun of gaming MM2 Values ​​comes from playing online multiplayer games. It is now possible to play games together with real people over the Internet. In this, apart from developing a different passion for gaming, one gets to meet new people. Thus, through playing games, we can interact with different real players and connect with them socially. Therefore, making new friends in MM2 Values ​​gaming is now also possible through gaming.

MM2 Values List – Vintage

All players are busy getting Murder Mystery 2 all values list. Because you can do business on the other side of all the necessary new furniture as you get by value list code. Therefore, the demand for this value list has increased in the current context. If you don’t want to spend any effort or money, just collect the codes below. As a result, you can get all the necessary skins. This game has gained a lot of popularity. This game is played by thousands of people every day in several countries around the world. But it may take a long time for the game to gain popularity in all countries of the world
Today September all MM2 Trading Values list
  • Bat: Value – 1x Tier 1 Legend ( hatch also)
  • Elitey: Value – 2x Tier 1 Rare ( Buy also)
  • Bear: Value – 1x Tier 1 Rare ( hatch also)
  • Fox: Value – 1x Tier 1 Uncommon ( Hatch also)

MM2 Value 2023 List

  • Seer (4 December 2022)
    Value: 10 x (T1) Legendary – –
    Demand: 2/10
    Rarity: 2/10
    Origin: Crafting
    Obtained: Crafting/Trading
Laser:130 ( Trade Value)
Ghost:90 ( Trade Value)
 Splitter:75 ( Trade Value)
 Cowboy:50 ( Trade Value)

MM2 Values List – Vintage ·

  1. Playing the MM2 Values ​​game will greatly increase your concentration.
  2. Because, when you are playing an action or adventure game, your whole mind is in that game.
  3. Any game we play with more focus.
  4. Because in our minds the enthusiasm to go to the next level of the game is built.
  5. Moreover, in completing the various missions of the game, we have to carefully complete the various objectives.
  • America: – 300 ( Trade) ·
  • Golden: – 240 ( Trade) ·
  • Blood: – 220 ( Trade) ·
  • Phaser: – 180 ( Trade) ·
  • Prince: – 160 ( Trade)

MM2 Values 2023 list january

List MM2 Trading Values:

MM2 Godly Value List 

Values Table of MM2 List

  • No 1. Box of Ultra Wrap: Value – 490 ( Trade);
  • No 2. Box of Gold Papers: Value – 415 ( Trade)
  1. Ice Dragon: MM2 Value – 30 ( Trade)
  2. Red Seer: MM2 Values – 30 ( Crafting also Trade)
  3. Blue Seer: MM2 Values – 30 ( Crafting also Trade)
  4. Purple Seer: MM2 Values – 30 ( Crafting also Trade)
  5. Orange Seer: MM2 Values – 30 ( Crafting also Trade)
  6. Yellow Seer: MM2 Values – 30 ( Crafting also Trade)
  7. Vampires Edge: MM2 Values – 28 ( Buy also Trade)
  8. Gemstone: MM2 Values – 25 ( Mystery Crate)

New MM2 Trading Values List for Ancients

  • Nice Scythe: MM2 Value Ancients No 145000
  • Elderwood Scythe: MM2 Value No 130
  • Log Chopper: MM2 Value No 135
  • Hallowschythe: MM2 Value No 150
  • Icebreaker: MM2 Value No 120 2020 Xmas Event
  • Batwing: MM2 Value No 80
  • Ice Wing: MM2 Value No

Today’s MM2 Value 2023 List

MM2 Trading Values is currently the highest. To maintain these trading values and level up to the maximum, you have to collect mm2 code. However, its value is different from all other gaming IDs. It takes a long time to collect, as well as a lot of money. Check also MM2 Godly Values.

What is the value of a viewer in MM2?

The value of each color observer (excluding the chroma observer) is about 25-35 on both the MM2 value and the maximum value list.

Showing is an antique knife that was originally obtained by purchasing the Sowing GamePass 2,499 ROBLOX, which was released in conjunction with the 2018 Christmas event.
What are the expired mm2 codes?
  • Curl Knife → C0RL.
  • Dennis Knife → D3NIS.
  • Knife Sub → SUB0.
  • Infected knife → INF3CT3D.

Rank no 1 Please Google

How can you get a weapon like MM2?

How can you get MM2 gems? They can only be obtained by buying them in stores using a Robox. These are used to buy crates and other store items and in addition, we can only purchase some items with diamonds.

MM2 Values 2023 List – Vintage

  • America Value No: – 300 ( Trade)
  • Golden Value No: – 240 ( Trade)
  • Blood Value No: – 220 ( Trade)
  • Phaser Value No: – 180 ( Trade)
  • Prince Value No: – 160 ( Trade)
  • Shadow Value No: – 145 ( Trade)
  • Laser Value No: – 130 ( Trade)
  • Ghost Value No: – 90 ( Trade)
  • Splitter Value No: – 75 ( Trade)
  • Cowboy Value No: – 50 ( Trade)

MM2 Ancient Value List

Niks Scythe: Value of list no – 150000 (Trade Only)
Elderwood Scythe: Value of list no– 165 (Trade Only)
Batwing: Value of list no– 120 (Trade Only)
Log Chopper: Value of list no– 120 (Trade Only)
Icebreaker: Value of list no– 115 (2020 Xmas Event)
Hallowschythe: Value of list no– 100 (Trade and also Buy)
Ice Wing: Value of list no– 45 (Trade Only)

MM2 Trading Values – Uniques

Corrupt: – Value of list no 120 (Trade Only)

MM2 Trading Values from best to worst

  • Green Luger: Value of list no – 185 ( Trade)
  • Iceblaster: Value of list no – 160 ( Unbox also Trade)
  • Halloween: Value of list no– 125 ( Trade)
  • Lightbringer: Value of list no – 150 ( Unbox also Trade)
  • Clockwork: Value of list no– 145 ( Trade)
  • Boneblade: Value of list no– 140 ( Trade)
  • Hallows Edge: Value of list no– 140 ( Trade)
  • Handsaw: Value of list no– 135 ( Trade)
  • Pixel: Value of list no– 135 ( Trade)
  • Eternal: Value of list no– 130 ( Trade)
  • Spider: Value of list no – 130 ( Trade)

MM2 Chroma Godly Values

  • Seer: List of value– 10x T1 Legendary ( Crafting also Trade)
  • Chroma Darkbringer: List of value– 575 ( Unbox also Trade)
  • Chroma Lightbringer: List of value– 550 ( Unbox also Trade)
  • ChromaLuger: List of values– 450 ( Unbox)
  • Chroma Laser: List of value– 390 ( Unbox also Trade)
  • Chroma Shark: List of value– 350 ( Unbox also Trade)

MM2 Trading Values List – Rares

  • Jack: – 125 ( Trade)
  • Mummy: – 120 ( Trade)
  • Ginger ( knife): – 90 ( Trade)
  • Ginger ( gun): – 90 ( Trade)
  • Cane ( knife): – 80 ( Trade)
  • Cane ( gun): – 80 ( Trade)
  • Orange Marble: – 10 ( Trade)
  • Bats – 4 ( Trade)
    Cane Knife: – 2 ( Trade)
    Icicles Gun: – 2 ( Trade)

MM2 Trading Values List – Legendary

  • JD: the value of list no– 230 ( Trade)
  • Web: the value of list no– 150 ( Trade)
  • Rupture: the value of list no– 150 ( Trade)
  • Green Elite: the value of list no– 130 ( Trade)
  • Tree (gun): the value of list no– 110 ( Trade)
  • Tree (knife): the value of list no– 110 ( Trade)

MM2 Trading Values List – Heros

  • Santas Magic: the value of list no– 1 ( Trade)
  • Ripper Knife: the value of list no– 1 ( Event Tier System)
  • Predator (knife): the value of list no– 4x T1 Legend ( Crafting also Trade)
  • Emerald: the value of list no– 4x T1 Legend ( Crafting also Trade)

MM2 Value 2023 List – Skin

  • Rune: the value of list no– 1x T1 Legend ( Mystery Crate)
  • Cavern Gun: the value of list no– 3x T1 Legend ( Trade)
  • Splash Gun: the value of list no– 1x T1 Legend ( Unbox also Trade)
  • Elite: the value of list no– 4x T1 Rare ( Buy also Trade)
  • Shiny: the value of list no– 4x T1 Rare ( Unbox)

Concluding Part of MM2 Trading Values List August

MM2 Value List 2022 can collect all the skins and arms of this pet. Murder Mystery 2 helps to get constant updates by all values, and new codes are always available. This weapon is a knife. Injure the opponent with this knife and prevent yourself.


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