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Pro-independence forces must stay in power: California vice-chancellor. (Today Breaking News US)

Those who are trying to take the country backward cannot be given a chance. The pro-independence forces must be kept in power for the betterment of the country, says the University of California Vice-Chancellor. He said this in the speech of the chief guest at the discussion meeting on the occasion of the birth anniversary in the central auditorium of the university on Tuesday.


  • Defeat by buying votes with money, announcing not to be a candidate in the future (Today Breaking News US)

A candidate named Rafiqul Islam Sangram could not win membership in the Washington District Council election, despite buying votes with dollars. Because of this, he has announced that he will not be a candidate in any future elections. On Tuesday (October 18) afternoon, he posted on Facebook about the issue of buying votes with dollars.

  • I don’t want to hear the cries of fatherless children anymore: Sheikh Hasina (Today Breaking News For You From Bangladesh)

Calling for an end to the arms race, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “And we do not want to hear the cries of the pain of our relatives.” He said this at the inauguration of ‘Sheikh Russell Day-2022’ and the awarding ceremony of ‘Sheikh Russell Medal-2022’ on Tuesday (October 18). He participated in the event organized at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital through video conference from Ganobhaban.

  • Intolerable rise in commodity prices, strikes across France (Breaking news France)

Due to the effect of massive inflation, the prices of daily necessities including food items have reached an unbearable level, and a nationwide strike has started in France to demand an increase in salaries and allowances. Tuesday was the first day of this strike.

  • I have a relationship with one: Moonmoon (Breaking news today India)

Munmun, the one-time popular heroine of Kolkata cinema. However, he has been irregular in movies for a long time. His new movie ‘Raagi’ was released last Friday. The actress is again in the discussion throughout this movie.

In the meantime, Munmun spoke to the media about his personal life. He said, ‘My job is work, a relationship is a relationship. Never combined the two. As a result, I have never had a personal relationship with anyone in the media. There is no such desire.

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  • India is not going to play Asia Cup in Pakistan (Breaking News Today Sports)

Rumors are true that India was supposed to go to Pakistan next year to participate in the Asia Cup.

  • BNP protest program across the country on Thursday (Breaking news Bangladesh)

BNP has announced a protest program across the country on Thursday (October 20) to protest the arrest of party leaders, assault cases, and cancellation of bail.

  • Iranian drone use is Russia’s ‘military bankruptcy’: Zelensky (Breaking News Today Ukrin)

Russia is attacking various installations in Ukraine using Iranian drones. On the other hand, Iran initially denied giving weapons to Moscow, but later admitted it. Ukraine is involved in this.

  • Scotland won the toss and batted (Crickte News For You Today)

In the first round match of the T20 World Cup, Scotland entered the field against Ireland today.

  • Kolkata’s traffic signals are changing (Breaking News, Kolkata)

Initiatives have been taken to change traffic signals on Kolkata roads to reduce road accidents and bring order to traffic. As a part of this, signal lights have been dug in the middle of the road. This method has been introduced experimentally on the road of Council House Street. If the initiative is successful, the new system will be rolled out across the city.

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  • Liz Truss apologized, remains in charge (Breaking news Online US)

Where is the PM lease truss? Did he hide his face in shame? UK opposition parties have started raising such questions about Prime Minister Liz Truss. But the lease truss is silent. He is not answering anyone’s questions.

  • China is recruiting ex-UK pilots to ‘know the ropes’ of the West (Breaking news for You China)

China is recruiting former UK military pilots for huge sums of money. The aim is to apply their various military skills and skills to the Chinese military. In the meantime, about 30 pilots have started training Chinese army personnel.

  • Russia has the ability to destroy the United States and Europe in 30 minutes with a nuclear bomb: Elon Musk

After that, Beijing won praise by showing a way to reduce the ongoing tension between Taiwan and China. This time, Elon Musk made an ‘explosive’ comment about the risk of using nuclear weapons.

  • Cancer vaccine by 2030: said two scientists of BioEntech (Health breaking news For You)

A vaccine for deadly cancer could be available within this decade, the couple who successfully discovered the coronavirus vaccine have expressed hope. Guardian news.

Ugur Sahin and Özlem Turesi, co-founders of the German company BioEntech, said their research has led to hope that cancer vaccines will be available within the next few years. The couple led the development of BioEntech’s breakthrough coronavirus vaccine in collaboration with Pfizer using mRNA technology.

Breaking News For You Today

  • EU to train Ukrainian troops

The European Union (EU) can train at least 15 thousand soldiers in Ukraine. This activity can start next month. A meeting of EU foreign ministers is scheduled to take place on Monday local time in Luxembourg. It is said that a decision may be taken in the meeting.

  • Sage Sunak in discussion again


  • Why do ‘kai fish’ come up during lightning?

Even though the flash of light that comes down from the sky during rain, i.e. lightning or lightning is beautiful to look at, this light has a lot of destructive power.And so thunderbolts are said to be terrifyingly beautiful scenes of nature.

  • 23 arrested in three days in Rakhine, 1 died in junta custody

According to the local press of the country, the junta forces arrested two people from Maundy township, two from An, one from Mark U, 12 from Rambri, and six from Tangup from October 14 to 16.

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  • In Iran, schoolgirls were beaten to death, protests across the country (Breaking News Iran)

Members of Iran’s security forces have been accused of beating a schoolgirl to death in a classroom. Security forces raided a school in Iran last week.

  • South Africa Cricket team (Breking News Cricket)

If there is a team that is a mystery at the World Cup, it is South Africa. Never won the title, but still a favorite. Sometimes by luck, sometimes by forgetting ourselves and being left out of the knockouts. The team is full of stars. It is difficult to recognize South Africa now.

  • How ready is the country to meet the conditions?

The VAT law that is in place at present has been made by the government due to IMF conditions. A decade ago, Bangladesh received an extended credit facility (ECF) of nearly $1 billion from the IMF in seven installments. One of the conditions on the contrary was to enact VAT.

  • Neymar can not accept Viny being the eighth (Football Breaking News)

Social media reacted after learning of Vinicius’ whereabouts on the night of the Ballon d’Or awards.

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  • Kanter’s World Cup is over

N’Golo Kante left the field against Tottenham last August. Kante will be sidelined for around four months due to hamstring surgery. That is, he is not playing in the Qatar World Cup for France.

  • Mostari is now a successful businessman after overcoming suicidal thoughts

Mostar Rahman’s life was shattered, even though he survived the road accident. Couldn’t even save the unborn child. After fighting for survival for a year in hospitals in the country and abroad, Mostar was accompanied by crutches and a wheelchair when he returned home. Good-paying jobs also disappear. He once thought of suicide due to the pain. But suddenly he thought – suicide means losing. Why lose? With this indomitable willpower, strong morale and struggle, Mostar Rahman has stood without legs.

Australian Breaking News Today

  • Australia Cricket team News For You

What Brazil is to the Football World Cup, Australia is to the ODI Cricket World Cup. They play only to become champions and become champions. Amazingly, Australia did not win the T20 World Cup trophy even once in the first six editions!

  • Australia will not recognize the ‘capital’ of Israel


  • 3 Bangladeshis of the same family were killed in a road accident in Australia

Three Bangladeshis of the same family were killed in a head-on collision between two cars in the Australian capital, Canberra. The accident happened on the Coppins Crossing road in the west of Canberra on Sunday afternoon. The house of the deceased is in Sirajdikhan Upazila of Munshiganj.

  • The best music organizer of the year in Australia is Bangladeshi Siya (Tadays Breaking News For you Australia)

The Art Music Awards are given annually for music in Australia. Bangladeshi-born music organizer Shia Ahmed has been recognized as the best of the year in the ‘Electroacoustic’ category of the award.

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