Pabna Sehri & Iftar Time Today – Ramadan Calendar 2023

Pabna Sehri & Iftar Time Today – Ramadan Calendar 2023. Displayed below are the Sehri and Iftar times, as well as both Islamic and Georgian calendar dates, for the city of Pabna during the month of Ramadan in 2023. This Ramadan calendar is presented as a convenience for individuals residing in Pabna and its neighboring regions who intend to observe the fast.

Pabna Sehri & Iftar Time Today – Ramadan Calendar 2023.

On the current date of 22 March 2023 (29 Shaʿbān 1444), the Sehri time in Pabna is scheduled for

04:49 (+06) with the Iftar time at 18:14 (+06). Checking the Pabna Sehri time is advisable to ensure that you complete your meal before the Azaan e Fajr. The Ulema also recommend stopping eating one or two minutes before Sehri. This practice can aid in accurately determining Naogaon Iftar time, ensuring that you break your fast at the appropriate time.

The Pabna Sehri Time & Iftar Timings for the entire year are available on a single page, allowing you to view Pabna roza timing for any given day, including beyond the present. Consult the timetable to learn about today’s iftar and tomorrow’s sehri timings in Pabna. However, it is recommended that you maintain a one-minute difference between Pabna Sehri and Iftar times.

We endeavor to verify all information on; however, it is always prudent to confirm with your local Mosque / Masjid.

Pabna Sehri & Iftar Time


Narayanganj Sehri & Iftar Time Today – Ramadan Calendar 2023

Pabna Ramadan Calendar 2023.

The Ramadan Calendar 2023 Pabna provides the Sehri Time and Iftar Time for today at 04:49 (+06) and 18:14 (+06), respectively. Today is Saturday, 22 March, 2023, the 29 Shaʿbān 1444 of the Islamic month. The Fiqa Jafria Sehr o Iftar Time in Naogaon differs slightly, with Shia Sehri at 05:13 and Iftar at 06:52.

Ramadan is a significant month in the Islamic calendar, and the Ramadan 2023 Pabna is an eagerly awaited calendar by the Muslim community in Pabna . It contains all of the important dates and timings for the month, including the start and end dates of Ramadan, as well as the Sehri and Iftar times in Pabna. The Ramadan Calendar 2023 Pabna is an essential tool that enables Muslims in Pabna to plan their days around fasting and prepare for the holy month.

The Islamic and Georgian calendars differ, making the Iftar time in Pabna vary from year to year. For this reason, the Ramadan Calendar 2023 Joypurhat is a useful resource for checking the Roza or Iftar time and Pabna Sehri time.

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