login login – Site login Register Application login website step by step. It is possible to complete any job application in South Africa by logging in to If you want to apply for jobs by logging into this website, follow some conditions. Government jobs are a rare commodity in the job market today. A large number of students are inclined toward government jobs after passing graduation. Some start preparing much in advance. In the current market, the violence of private jobs and the great demand for government jobs is a cause of concern for many. The thought of getting into any job and standing on your own feet is often seen among many around us. But to move to a better position you need a better job. Today’s article for government job aspirants contains the rules and details of filling out the government job application form.

Application Rules for Govt Jobs through login

Applying for government jobs is a touchy process. Almost all government jobs have a lot of applications. Therefore, if there is an impure application or an unintentional mistake, the possibility of not being selected is high. Because the main objective of the selection committee is how to reduce the number of candidates due to the pressure of additional applications. So it is important to know what things to keep in mind before applying, how to apply cleanly, and besides, important things should be taken into account before applying online.

Preparation before application

These are difficult to obtain very quickly. So the information and things are to be kept before starting the application. login

National Identity Card

A national identity card is very important before applying for jobs. It is impossible to apply for any job without a 17 or 10-digit National Identity Card. If you have not received the ID card even after turning 18 years, you can also apply with an online copy of the identity card.

Birth registration certificate

Many jobs also require a birth certificate. So 17 digit birth registration number and certificate should be kept close.

Original and attested copies of all certificates

Original and attested copies of all certificates related to government jobs. Currently, certification is generally not required at the time of initial application. But after clearing the preliminary written exam, the oral exam is required. Original copies of all educational qualification certificates should be kept at that time. Attested photocopy of each certificate to be submitted to the authority along with the load. Attested means that one part of the photocopy should bear the seal/signature of any first-class employee (Grade-1 to Grade-9) and that employee should attest the photocopy by writing ‘Attested’. Besides, if any quota benefit is taken, the necessary certificate must be submitted to prove that quota.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, a photo, signature, and mobile number will be required for a government job application. This has been discussed in detail below. If the application fee is paid manually through the bank, a scanned copy of the original challan may also be required. login

Before logging in to, it is important to first get an idea of what kind of jobs are available in the market according to your qualifications. You can know only if you regularly check job news and application portals. Then you can start the application process once you have gathered all the necessary things to apply for the job of your choice. So that the application is not interrupted even if the internet is disconnected while logging in The application steps are divided into 5 parts and explained in detail:

Step 1: Fill in basic information in login or application form

Generally, 10-12 steps are required to complete basic information.

  • Write your name correctly.
  • Gender should be determined.
  • Marital status should be determined.
  • The date of birth should be mentioned. In this case, your age up to a certain date can be automatically generated.
  • If there is a husband or wife, his name should also be given.
  • Mobile number must be mentioned. In this case, extreme caution should be taken. Because that mobile number is very important in the whole application process.
  • Nationality should be determined and the National Identity Card number should be mentioned.
  • Remember that the letter regarding the appointment will come to this address. So definitely complete and perfect Bangladesh * Tech Education Health History Life Style Life and Livelihood.
  • A permanent address should be mentioned. However, unmarried women can change their permanent address by showing necessary proof if they get married after filing the application.
  • District to be determined.
  • You have to mention your email ID.

In filling in the name of self, the name of the father, mother and spouse should follow the instructions of the specific job circular. Generally, all names should be capitalized in English.

Step 2: Provide a photograph and signature

  • After completing the initial information filling steps, a photograph and signature must be provided. This is discussed in detail below.
  • A recent photograph must be used to fill the login form. Recent usually means photos taken 3 months ago. Depending on the job, different sizes and formats of photos may be required. But usually images with white backgrounds, JPEG / JPG format, and 600 x 600 pixels resolution are required.
  • Note that now almost all job applications are done online. Bhai scanned copy of a photograph or direct crisis / digital copy should be kept. The photo must be in color and no part of the ears or face should be covered. If you upload a picture without following the rules, it will be considered as an informal picture. In that case, the application will be canceled immediately Signature.
  • Usually, 300 × 80 pixels and a maximum size of 60 kilobytes image should be uploaded. In this case, also the background should be white and the image format should be JPEG / JPG.
  • There will be a ‘Choose File’ option to upload images and signature

Step 3: Mention of Educational Qualification

If you want to apply for any job, you need to have the minimum educational qualification for that job. Educational qualifications will determine the most value of your application. So you have to fill in the educational qualification very carefully and accurately.

Step 4: Quota determination and organization selection sequence

Various types of quotas are given in government jobs. If you are eligible for any quota then fill in the quota details. Usually, the 4 quotas are given:

  • Tribal Quota.
  • Disability Quota.
  • Orphan Quota

Also, many government jobs are recruited in multiple organizations using the same test. For example, recruitment in government banks is done through an examination under Bangladesh Bank. So if there is more than one institution, the order of preference of the institution should be determined.

Step 5: Payment of fees and collection of evidence

At present, login is required to apply for most government jobs. However, currently, all government job applications have the option of paying fees with the help of online banking or mobile banking. If you pay the fee online before applying by logging in to, your Transaction ID (TxnIID) must be saved. After that, you must verify from the Payment Verify option. Entering that OTP will automatically verify the payment.

Government job benefits

A common misconception about government jobs is that their salaries are low. Which is completely wrong and ridiculous. As per pay structure 2015 all government employees are divided into 20 grades. They are known now according to that grade. In government jobs, the basic salary is slightly less but due to various allowances, the total salary becomes one and a half to two times the basic salary. For example house rent allowance, travel allowance, festival allowance, medical allowance, retirement allowance, travel allowance, etc. There are also various facilities including government accommodation, car facilities, car loans, home loans, and quota facilities. Government jobs are ahead of private jobs because of all these allowances and facilities.

Durability of Govt

In terms of stability, government jobs are the best of any private sector job in South Africa. Today, as difficult as it is to get a job, it is easier to lose one. Many job seekers are constantly losing their jobs due to various reasons. Job security in the private sector depends a lot on the discretion of superiors. There is no need for accountability if an employee’s job is terminated in private employment. No Government servant can be dismissed or suspended except for specific reasons.

Also, even if the post is abolished in the government service, that employee is given maximum support. Attempts were made to assign him to another post. If not possible then a full retirement allowance is paid. But there is no second word when the post is abolished in private jobs. Companies often eliminate some positions temporarily or permanently for layoffs. At that time, even if the workers protest, there is never any benefit. login prerequisite

We all know login site used for job application. There are various policies for joining government jobs. Among the many principles, one thing needs to be said in a special way. That is to check whether the applicant has a criminal record ie a history of criminal activities. Before appointment to any government job, the entire history of the job seeker is scrutinized. Especially after being shortlisted in the BCS exam, some candidates are not gazetted. The main reason is getting stuck in Police Verification. If a citizen is convicted of any kind of criminal offense then he can no longer enter the government service. Besides, if there is even a minimum contact with any anti-state organization, then it is better not to expect a government job. So if one’s aim is a government job, then he must stay away from any kind of crime and troublesome activities.

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