Shalikha Upazilla Magura Khulna Bangladesh

There are 460 upazillas in Bangladesh Shalikha is one of them. Shalikha is a mode upazilla of Magura district. Magura has four upazillas. Shalikha is one of them. Shalikha is situated at the sou then side of Magura. There are 3 million people of Shalikha are educated. Other are Farmers, Fishermen, Carpenters and other are poters. There are many educational institutions in shalikha. Among there 35 High school, 89 Primary school, 15 Colleges and 4 Technical Colleges here.

Shalikha Upazilla

Situation of Shalikha Upazilla Magura Khulna Bangladesh

Shalikha is situated by the side of Photki, Chitra rivers. The Photki is a famous river for it`s Phuti fish. Puthi fish is very favourite to all.   Besides puti fish others fishes are availalile in this river. The rivers has come from Jhinaidah district and goes to the sea. On the Contrary Chitra is smaller than Photki. It is also famous for it`s moha fish.


The Farmers grow various crops all threught the years. Paddy jute and sugarcane of shalikha. The soil of shalikha is very fertile. The farmers grow paddy in plenty. Just is the second crop of shalikha. The Farmers of shalikha are very active. They grow exceptional jute. Jute of shalikha are sold at a high rate. Other people work in factorics or offices. The people who working offices are called officers. The people who work in factories are called Labourers. There are two Government calleges and one  Government Hight school in this upazilla. The people who live under poverty line are called poor. This is no any beggar in our shalikha. Four this reason the upazilla in called beggar free upazilla. Shalikha is famour for date juice. In winter the people of shalikha eat varities cakes.

Nature Of People

The people of shalikha are very polite and peace loving. They do not want to make noise with each other. There is good relation among the people. The development of any area depends on people since the people are active. For this reason this upazilla is very developed. Many people of shalikha have gone to abroad. They send much foreign Remitance every year. For this reason the people of shalikha are very rich. The administration of shalikha is very strict. No any man does any illigal work. If any person does any wrong work then and there our local administration takes promt action. For this reason shalikha is free from nuisance. We all are proud of shalikha. Besides this the people of other parts of Magura respect us very much.


As inhabitants of shalikha we are great. Because we are happy for all sides. We do our duties properly and accurately. If any person of shalikha falls in danger we help him together. If any person fails to marry him daughter we help him with money. For this reason we are living happily and peacefully here. Actually shalikha is famous for all sides. We all are happy to become the in habitants of Shalikha.

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