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Thanksgiving Holiday 2023 – Thanksgiving Holiday wallpaper, Image, Free Clip Art

Thanksgiving Holiday 2023 – Americans are celebrating the annual Thanksgiving Holiday or Thanksgiving Day 2023 on Thursday with food, shopping, and family trips. It’s a public holiday. It’s a day to thank you; And this is usually done by serving traditional foods, including turkey, through the family union fair. The day before the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States is considered to be the busiest day for travelers. Many Americans went out with their families. However, this year winter storms and snow-capped roads have slowed down the pace of travelers and thousands of flights have been delayed.

Thanksgiving Holiday 2023

To celebrate Thanksgiving Holiday in 2023, many Americans perform religious activities, watch football games, and volunteer in various charities. On the eve of Thanksgiving Day, President Barack Obama and his family volunteered for a food bank in Washington to deliver food to poor families, maintaining a continuation of the annual tradition.

Thanksgiving Holiday Free Clip Art

President Barack Obama unveiled two turkey birds on Wednesday, the day before the Thanksgiving Holiday of 2023, as part of the annual presidential tradition. The Obama family is on holiday at the White House. The traditional Messi’s Parade is being held in New York, ignoring the severe cold.

Preparations are underway for the annual sale, which is known to everyone as the Black Friday Sale, in big shops across the country. To mark the day, special meals for Thanksgiving Day are being served at US military bases in different parts of the world, including Afghanistan.

Thanksgiving Holiday 2023 wallpaper, Image, Free Clip Art History

In 1621, the first immigrants to the United States were able to survive the disaster by growing crops. And this Thanksgiving Holiday Day is organized to thank God for that. In 1789, President George Washington officially recognized the day. Thanksgiving Day is being celebrated in the fourth week of November in America today. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated nationally and socially at this time of the year to express gratitude to God. At this stage of the event, there is a VOA report on the occasion of the day.

Thanksgiving Holiday wallpaper, Image, Free Clip Art


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