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Vi free data code 2023

Looking for a working Vi free data code 2023? You have come to the right place as this page has them all. Moreover, both Vodafone and Idea customers can avail these programs. A few steps must be taken after using the code. It allows you to check your cellphone or internet balance as well as use wireless internet for free.

Vi free data code 2023 Free Internet Data Plans

You can learn more about Vi Free Data Code in this post today. Now that everyone is aware that Vodafone and the concept has now changed to Vi, this post will include details about complete Vi free data codes. It will also be relevant for all Vodafone and concept customers. Everyone is aware of the rise in internet costs, so what could be better than Vodafone and Idea consumers getting free data vouchers from Vi. By using this Vi free data coupon you can save money and avoid paying a lot for internet service. Free data is sometimes available from Vodafone Idea. Both postpaid and prepaid customers are eligible for this free internet package. This deal can include both 3G and 4G data.

How to Get Free Vi free data code 2023

Customers of the final two networks, Vodafone and Idea, did not experience any changes. Users can continue to use their current SIM cards and phone numbers uninterrupted even after merging.
Vi is a relatively large mobile network and in India Vi also stands for Vodafone Idea, which has a huge subscriber base. There are numerous inquiries from people about the new data plan recharge offers that Vodafone Idea releases
However, Vodafone Idea Vi Vi offers free data codes and free internet offers, the most current of which is 10GB free internet.

1GB Vi free data code 2023 – Free Data From Vi App

Vodafone Idea V app also gives users 1GB of free internet access. Customers must follow few simple steps and enter Vi free data code to get 1GB free data.

Only users installing V-App for the first time are eligible for this code. Those who have VI app installed are eligible to get 1GB free internet.

  • Download the V app on your phone.
  • Create a Vi App account.
  • Verify the app using your cell number and OTP.
  • A banner advertising a 1GB data offer will be visible on the home screen.
  • Select the banner.
  • Avail 1GB free data now.
  • You will know soon.

Get 30GB Free Internet For Vi free data code 2023 idea

Vi has offered free 30 GB 4g internet deal for Vodafone Idea customers.

Then apply Vi free data code to avail free 30GB 4G data offer Users with 2G and 3G SIM cards need to upgrade to a 4G SIM card to avail this offer for 4G users.

  • Buy a new SIM card.
  • After a while, an SMS with a partial SIM number will be sent to you.
  • You need to change the last six digits of the number with the new SIM card.
  • Your new SIM will be activated within two hours.
  • Get 30 GB free data after sim card activation.

Give Miss Call Get 10GB Vi free data code 2023 >>

You can avail Vodafone Idea free internet by following the tips and applying VI free data code. This method is widely used by customers to get 10 GB free bandwidth.

If you want free 10GB data like other users just follow the instructions with one missed call. Moreover, you can enjoy free 10Gb data for 10 days.

  • Use the dialer on your phone.
  • Dial Vi free data code 121365 to get free 10GB internet.
  • Press 5 to activate 10GB free data.
  • You will now get a message to add 10GB free internet to VISA account.

Vi free data code 2023

Vi unlimited night data Between at Nignt

Vodafone Idea Vi users can now activate unlimited data as part of the brand new offer. One can avail this offer daily from 12 AM to 6 AM. You just need to keep your normal pack active to use this information. Once you activate this deal you can enjoy free unlimited 4G night data from 12AM to 6AM.

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How do you activate Vi free night data?

Unlimited data can be activated without any effort. Only you need to recharge between 12AM to 6PM. Vi Vodafone Idea 4G users are eligible for this promotion You must recharge 249 or more packs per night to get unlimited free internet access. This recharge code is good for prepaid SIMs starting from February 16. Vi users can reload and activate unlimited data starting February 16

  • All mobile apps can be updated.
  • Able to download films
  • Able to download music
  • Movies are watched on OTT platforms.
  • You can download games for mobile

Get 1 GB Data Free

Aadhaan app is a mobile application that provides trendy news information. This app contains memes, articles, cooking recipes and more. You can also get deals and mobile recharge using this app.
Also, you can recharge with free internet data by purchasing a top-up plan from this app for Rs. Let’s learn that trick.

  • First you need to download Aadhaar app.
  • Launch the app and then sign up with your cellphone number.
  • Check your mobile number using an OTP.
  • Now enter the email birthdate to complete the registration process.
  • You can get some money through referral link.
  • Opt now for Rs 16 Vi top-up plan.
  • Get 1GB free data while topping up your vi number.

Get 1 GB Daily Data For 7 Days

Many users may have received information through SMS. So avail this 7 days free data offer as soon as possible.

  • You need to download Vi app from Play Store and App Store.
  • Login to your account with mobile number.
  • Users will get some message like this from Vodafone Idea vi.
  • Or dial *111# USSD code and check if this free data is credited to your account

Vi free data 12 GB Free 4G Data

I came up with an internet recharge deal for Rs 98. If you want to avail this facility, pay in the following section

Vi – Paytm Free $50 Recharge

  • First download PayTM
  • Then complete full PayTM KYC.
  • Then, select Prepaid Recharge and select VI Recharge.
  • Now enter 50 and use promotional code first.
  • Use your UPI to complete the PayTM process.
  • Finally, get $50 cashback on $50 recharge.

Your Vi account will have a principal balance of around 38.

Get Free $50 Recharge with FreeCharge

  • First, register for a FreeCharge account
  • Complete KYC of FreeCharge app.
  • Then select “Recharge” and enter “50” as amount.
  • Now use Promo Code – UPI.
  • Complete transactions on FreeCharge with UPI.
  • Finally, get $50 back on $50 when you recharge.

Directly, you will get 38 initial balance in your Vi free data code 2023

  • Amazon – Vi Free ₹30 Recharge
  • First download Amazon, then create a UPI ID.
  • Then enter your VI number in Recharge 30 section.
  • Pay now with Amazon UPI and get Rs.30
  • Finally, you get 22 minutes of free talk time.

Conclusion >>

You will learn about Vi free data coupons and free Vi data deals mentioned for vi users on this page. All offers will expire eventually. So, avail the deal as soon as possible.

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