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Windows Spotlight Quiz July 2023

Windows Spotlight Quiz July 2023 is a very popular online game these days. Many of us know the rules of using Windows. But many Windows users don’t know about Windows Quiz. Windows has many features that make users happy. So if you want to take advantage of Windows’ special features then know about Windows Spotlight Quiz.

If you are a Windows user, you can enjoy this entertainment part. Because Windows users are really lucky that this quiz will start only when the computer’s skin is locked. The Windows Spotlight Quiz Contest is a question-answering and random question arrangement. You can participate in this contest with a Windows login.

Windows Spotlight Quiz July 2023

Microsoft continues to add new features to Windows 11. A feature called Windows Spotlight is not entirely new. It was first introduced with Windows 10 to bring daily changes. Images on your lock screen are now chosen by Microsoft to appear on your desktop. It has the added benefit of giving you new wallpaper every day.

Windows Spotlight is a feature in Windows 10 that displays a new image on the lock screen each day, along with a different trivia question. This feature is designed to provide users with interesting information, as well as to promote the use of Windows 10. The questions cover a wide range of topics, including history, geography, science, and more. To answer the Windows Spotlight quiz, simply click on the question to display the answer. You can also skip the question if you are not interested in answering it.

Windows Spotlight Quiz

How to Enable Windows Spotlight

Before enabling Windows Spotlight, you’ll first want to check that you’re running a fresh build of Windows 11. This is the Windows key plus I or you can right-click on the Windows Start Menu icon and select System Settings, scroll down and select About.

Click to open the Windows specification, Windows build number must be two zero zero zero point seven zero. Six or more If your build number is less than two Two two zero zero zero point seven zero six, Go to the left pane and select Windows Update. Also, download the latest updates available.

Microsoft Rewards Windows Spotlight Quiz

Enabling Windows Spotlight is pretty easy if you have the required build number. Go to Personalization in the left pane and then select Background. Select Windows Spotlight in the drop-down menu to personalize your background. It will instantly change the wallpaper for your desktop. I have already changed since activation.

After you enable Windows Spotlight, a new icon will appear on your desktop that looks like a camera icon is located there. When you double-click on it in the bottom right, it will give you additional information about that image. Because it’s Microsoft, it will open their edge browser displaying information using their Bing search engine.

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Change other’s Methods of Windows Screen Spotlight

You have additional options when you right-click on the icon and switch to the next image. We will change the wallpaper in the next picture in Windows Spotlight. Clicking I like this image will show similar images in the future, and if you don’t select a fan of this image, the image will change immediately. And will not show you similar pictures in the future. Right now, I’m going to switch to the next picture.


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